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Portable , affordable and has Lithium Ion battery!

Experience a soothing Shiatsu massage anywhere you go. Our InstaShiatsu+ Shoulder and Neck massager provides a complete, relaxing massage in one intuitive and compact device. With our Shoulder and Neck massager, you can experience the benefits of regular massage therapy on your schedule without the hassle and expense of scheduling appointments with a masseuse.

A Relaxing, Versatile Massage

There is nothing like a relaxing massage after a long, stressful day. The InstaShiatsu+ Shoulder and Neck Massager feels great all over your shoulders and neck and can also be used on many other areas of your body. This versatile massager is perfect for use on legs, thighs, feet, and more!

Effective and Easy-to-use

The InstaShiatsu+ Shoulder and Neck Massager is very easy to use. Simply charge the massager using any standard AC outlet, place the unit wherever you would like to massage and turn it on.

In the mood for some added comfort? Activate the optional heat function to enjoy an even deeper and more relaxing Shiatsu massage. Relax or tighten your grip on the arm straps or ergonomic handles to adjust the massage intensity. The Shiatsu massage nodes automatically change direction after five minutes, you can also change the direction at will by pressing the reverse button.

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Weight 96 oz



Lithium-Ion Cell 2200mAh 11.1V