Relaxacare Story

Our story

Jason Perricone, the president and CEO founded this company after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. A very rare but growing disease in North America that is hard to diagnosed and hard to manage. Part of managing this disease was doing his own research on products and trying to understand what was best for him. The market offered no education or communication and lacked empathy. Over 95% of the world is ill or suffers from either a pain condition or chronic illness. It was time for change and to help correct this market.

Motivated by his own struggles and inspired to make a difference, he made the life-changing decision to leave his bank job of 10+ years with CIBC and embark on a new venture. Jason wanted to bridge the gap in the wellness industry and create a platform that offered a wide range of wellness products, carefully curated to meet the needs of those seeking holistic well-being. The experience of battling Lyme disease not only affected his health but also opened his eyes to the importance of wellness and the lack of accessible wellness products.

With a strong vision in mind, Jason founded Relaxacare Inc that aimed to revolutionize the way people approach their health and wellness.

Our company's mission was to provide a one-stop destination for wellness enthusiasts, where they could find everything from massage chairs, saunas, red light therapy and even fitness equipment. We believed that holistic well-being should be accessible to everyone, and our online platform and physical stores served as a bridge to connect individuals with the wellness products they desired. More importantly have conversations about what is best based on your needs!

We worked closely with trusted suppliers and manufacturers who shared our commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability. Every product on our platform underwent rigorous testing and met strict standards before being made available to our customers. We also offered personalized consultations with wellness experts to guide individuals on their unique wellness journeys.

By combining my personal experience with Lyme disease, Jason's entrepreneurial drive, and the passion of our team, we successfully built a reputable wellness company that became a trusted name in the industry. Our focus on customer satisfaction, education, and community engagement helped us create a loyal customer base and establish strong partnerships with other like-minded organizations. Our goal is to impact consumers, to provide a sense of relief in anyway possible, to build relationships and aid in anyway possible. 

Today, our wellness company continues to grow, and we remain dedicated to providing an inclusive and empowering space for individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. As the president and founder, I am proud to have turned my personal struggle with Lyme disease into a catalyst for positive change in the wellness industry, ensuring that no one has to face the challenges I did when seeking reliable wellness products.


Our goal is to be the largest selling hub for wellness and fitness products, making it easy to purchase multiple product brands in one place.