TheraLite Aura Mood & Energy Enhancing Light

TheraLite Aura SAD Lamp Mood & Energy Enhancing Light - Relaxacare
TheraLite Aura SAD Lamp Mood & Energy Enhancing Light - Relaxacare
TheraLite Aura SAD Lamp Mood & Energy Enhancing Light - Relaxacare
TheraLite Aura SAD Lamp Mood & Energy Enhancing Light - Relaxacare
TheraLite Aura SAD Lamp Mood & Energy Enhancing Light - Relaxacare

TheraLite Aura Mood & Energy Enhancing Light

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TheraLite Aura has been designed with your needs in mind. Projecting light from above, adjustable angle and multiple light settings makes the TheraLite Aura the perfect companion at home or at the office. UV free LED technology and a comfortable color temperature ensure you experience a safe, comfortable therapeutic light. The adjustable lamphead lets you switch from therapy lamp to desk light with the turn of the knob.

Bright Light Benefits
Daily exposure to bright light helps to maintain your circadian rhythm, boost energy and manage sleeping patterns. Light therapy is also the first line of recommended treatment for the Winter Blues. For many, morning sun exposure is limited by work, school or other commitments, even in the summer. The TheraLite is a bright light therapy lamp designed to fill this gap.


Power: 120V, 60Hz, 35W
Size: 22" x 11.25" x 11.5" /
56cm x 28cm x 29cm
Lens: High-impact polycarbonate
Light Intensity: 10,000 LUX at 12"/30cm
Light Source: 168 LED Bulbs, 3000K,
100% UV Free
Angles: Adjustable

Light Therapy Basics
LUX or the light intensity at a specific distance from the light is the common term used in bright light therapy. The chart below details the average treatment times for the Winter Blues based on your eyes proximity to the lamp.

The TheraLite Aura wellness lamp is a perfect companion for those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of light deficiency.  Therapeutic 10,000 LUX of comfortable, glare-free white light provides effective relief while emitting NO UV! 

Bright light therapy is the first line of treatment recommended by health care professionals to help alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder or the milder winter blues.  Light therapy is also a non-invasive, effective option for treating jet lag, circadian sleep issues, shift work adjustment or non-seasonal mood disorders.

12"/30cm 30 minutes
18"/45cm 60 minutes
24"/60cm 120 minutes

Symptoms of Overuse
Negative effects are rare with light therapy. However, if you experience increased irritability, excessive energy, and/or any consistent discomfort during or after use, decrease session time or move the light further away. Using the lamp late in the afternoon or in the evening is not advised, as this may disrupt your sleep. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning any bright light regimen.

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