TEETER Neck Restore

The Better Back Neck Restore provides support of the upper neck/cervical spine for self-administered suboccipital release, a technique to reduce tension in the supporting muscles. With its rotating base, users can easily position and apply variable pressure to naturally and gently loosen tight, sore muscles in the neck. The Neck Restore can be used as a standalone self-massage tool or attached to any Teeter Inversion Table for use while inverting for added neck support and tension relief at virtually any angle.


  • Ergonomic support for the base of the head/cervical spine for targeted release of the soft supporting tissues of the neck
  • Rotates for variable pressure to allow for better positioning and side-to-side pressure for targeting trouble areas
  • Comfortable, steady pressure due to the rubberized foam material that is soft enough for comfort, yet firm enough for adequate pressure and support
  • Attaches to most Teeter Inversion Tables using the Hook & Loop straps


*item imported from Teeter US, customer to pay duty upon delivery*