Panasonic Urban Series Massage Chair With Heated Foot & Calf Massage (EPMA03K)

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Urban lounge edition
The latest luxury massage chair from the leader in massage replication technology for over 40 years. The EP-MA03 is designed to help achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout the body to promote good health. Inspired by centuries-old Chinese massage techniques, the EP-MA03 features a revolutionary, cervical spine massage mechanism that allows greater focus on the pressure points in the neck and back-the key to relieving overall tension and stress.

This Urban EP-MA03K Collection plush massage chair combines Advanced Swedish massage, our exclusive Chiro Mode, as well as deep-tissue Shiatsu for greater muscle relation and 5 additional massage manual modes run the gamut of calming massage to energy-boosting massage. It's your choice - whether you're seeking stress relief, want to feel energized, or something in between, the Urban Collection has got you covered.

Effective Massage Techniques
For over four decades Panasonic has continued to achieve their goal in developing the latest technology in luxury massage, designed specifically to help achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation and overall health.


Panasonic Urban EP-MA03K Features:
• Four pre-program massage modes
- Deep (Firm, deep tissue massage)
- Refresh (Rhythmical massage)
- Relax (Gentle tension-releasing massage)
- Quick (Short 8 minutes tension-releasing massage)

• Selected area modes
- Neck/Shoulder
- Lower back
- Leg/Foot

• Manual modes: Neck roll, Neck knead, Knead, Tap, Back roll
• Heated foot massage
• Elegant, curved design
• Features 4 floating massage heads to replicate the feel of human hands
• Space saving slide recline system
• Height adjustable ottoman (up to 10 cm)
• Easy-to-use control panel
• High quality synthetic leather




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