Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Full Body 3D Massage Chair with Heated Massage Rollers-Ma70

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Ground-Breaking Heated Massage Rollers
Heated massage rollers simulate the warm hands of a professional masseuse combined with the soothing, restorative sensation of hot stone therapy, loosening tense, sore muscles in the neck, shoulders and back.

Healing Power of Heated Massage

Panasonic's latest innovation featuring built-in thermal balls, created warmth to ease swelling and soothe tense muscles. The technology applies the calming strokes of a masseur's warm, skillful hands, offering complete relaxation for tired, aching muscles.

"Junetsu" Massage Techniques
The "Junetsu" Massage Technique quickly loosens up tight muscles and the spiral circular motion reverberates through muscles to invigorate down to your bones' surface.

New Thumb-Like Massage Roller
The new, thumb-like massage roller moves in precise, agile circles, unraveling the core of the stiffness.

Automatic Shoulder Position
Automatic shoulder position adjustment setting changes to match various body sizes. The sensor technology delivers a gentle massage specifically contoured for each back and shoulder's unique structure, while giving special attention to the spine.