JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine

JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine
JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine
JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine
JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine
JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine

JPMedics - Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine

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The JPMedics Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine generates vibrations from a speaker system with magnetic circuits, opposed to the traditional rotating mechanical motors. Sonic wave vibration technology stimulates muscle fibers (myocytes) stronger than gravity and exercises muscle fibers to repeat fast and strong contraction and relaxation. With this, muscle strength is improved faster than usual muscle trainings methods.


Effects of Sonic Waves

  • Sonic waves exercise softens tendons and ligaments which are hard to exercise. Sonic wave exercises help not only the big muscles of the human body but also small muscles such as facial muscles and pelvic muscles. Whole-body vibration exercise, combined with usual power training, will increase maximum muscle strength by an additional 30%. It will also reduce the required training period by 85% and will also reduce training sessions by more than 50%. Contrary to general muscle training like weight lifting, vibration exercise does not cause any overload to the joint, tendon, or ligament.

Body Sensors & Weight Scanning

  • For safety, we have added body and weight sensors to the JPMedics Nami. If someone under 80 pounds sits or stands on the machine, the Nami will not operate. When you start any auto or manual program, the machine will scan your weight. The sonic vibration machine will stop working should the platform weight capacity exceed more than 396lbs. Additional safety feature will display "light load detected" if weight capacity on platforms is less than 80lbs.

Automatic Programs

The JP Medics Nami Sonic Wave Vibration has four automatic programs that have been created to maximize the exercise effect for each specific body region. We have designed the Nami with four massage options for your changing needs with along with 3 Intensity settings each.

  • Upper Body: Programed to apply a range of frequencies which stimulate the trapezius muscle, biceps, and the pectoral muscles. This mode effects the shoulders, arms, and chest.
  • Chest and Stomach: Programed to apply a range of frequencies which stimulate the abdominal muscles and erector spinae muscles.
  • Lower Body: Programed to apply a range of frequencies which stimulate the gluteus maximus, femoral muscles, and soleus muscles. This mode effects the hips, thighs, and calves.
  • Whole Body: Programed to apply a range of frequencies and intensity levels that stimulate most muscles in the entire body. This mode emits compelling rhythms of sonic wave vibrations.

Manual Program

  • In a manual program, you are able to create your own personalized sonic vibration routine. You can alter your experience by changing the intensity and frequency on the JPMedics Nami. Once you have put together your favorite routine, you can save it in memory mode for up to 5 programs.

7" LCD Screen

  • The control for the JPMedics Nami Sonic Vibration Machine is equipped with an easy to use touch screen control. The user interface is very simple to use and getting a program running is very quick.

Mobile Phone Slot

  • For added convince, there is a spot for you to place your cell phone while you are using the JPMedics Nami.

Multi Language Capabilities

  • You can choose desired language in the settings including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

General Training Benefits

  • The JPMedics Nami is a very effective product for people who cannot exercise due to psychological or physical problems. It is also great for individuals who does not have time or space to exercise. The Nami provides the effect of a regular exercise experience.

Advanced Training Benefits

  • To increase the muscle strength through intense power training, it helps to stimulate fast-twitch muscle fiber. For the athletes who use a lot of energy in a short amount of time, like runners, and individuals who are jumping and throwing, it is very critical to maintaining the weight and performance of fast-twitch muscle fiber. You can also improve the performance of your slow-twitch muscle fiber by increasing your muscular endurance stimulating the growth hormone called secretion.

Exercise Guide

  • Included with the JPMedics Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Machine is a exercise guide with 20 different exercises focusing on various parts of your body.


Item #:

Charcoal - JP-S01-CR

Red - JP-S01-RD


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