Inada Robo Massage Chair-3d with AI technology

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  • The most advanced massage chair in the world.

  • The future is here! The highest model for Inada! In depth massage techniques that is changing the way how we use massage chairs! Automatically adjusting based on you! Learning who you are! Face recognition. Smart computer that allows thinking and changes rapidly. The time is now! Get in and never worry about pain again! Say goodbye to stress!  

    • AI Hybrid Mechanism
    • Analysis by Artificial Intelligence
    • Facial Recognition
    • Noise Reduction Dome
    • HD Speakers with Tutorial
    • Flat Bed Recline Position
    • Rhythmical Massages
    • Automatic detection of shiatsu points
    • Three-dimensional motion like human hands
    • Five-finger kneading massage
    • Very Quiet Massage
    • Made in Japan


A Massage Better Than Human Hands

Mechanical and AI Technology Comes Together to Provide An Additional Joints to Better Replicate In-Person Massage
The ultimate goal of a massage chair is to catch up with and surpass professional human massage techniques. In order to realize this, Inada studied the techniques of massage therapists during the early stages of development and continued to research the movement of human hands so that they could develop a mechanism that offers first and second joints just like fingers have. Next up was perfecting the rhythm of movement.

When a professional masseuse attends to your muscles, they vary their rhythm based on muscle stiffness and personal preference. When a massage therapist is at work they’re actively changing the pressure used, speed, and direction of their hands. Using adaptable, rhythmic movements to match the massage technique to the issue being addressed. The internal mechanisms and software in this massage chair can master and reproduce subtle movements just like a professional massage practitioner can.

The Essence of Comfort with an AI Hybrid Mechanism

Robo’s AI detects muscle stiffness and adjusts its massage according to your physical needs.
At any given time during your massage, the artificial intelligence mechanism adjusts its massage to the best strength and speed for your needs. It will adjust based on the condition of your muscles, your unique size and shape, and how stiff you are. Even the speed adjusted as it takes in data regarding the load received by the rollers during a massage. This way, it can attend to stiff areas with slow, precise movements and relaxed areas with increased speed for better circulation.


    Deep and slow massage loosens the muscles


    The chair massages rhythmically

Every Time Someone Sits in the Chair, It Automatically Locates Their Unique Shiatsu Points.

The automatic shiatsu point search system automatically detects shiatsu points across the body of each person who uses the chair, regardless of height, body type, or other differences among individuals. With a thorough knowledge of your body type, the roller positions are adjusted so that your massage stimulates each point accurately.




The AI hybrid mechanism won the battle with humans!

Robo was born from the concept of "surpassing human hands." The AI hybrid mechanism has made serious inroads in the manipulative therapy of long experienced massage professionals, and has finally come out on top.

Automatic shiatsu point
search system

By simply sitting down on the main body, the shiatsu points of each family member are automatically searched for and identified.




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