Hyperice - Hyperice Charger


The Hyperice charger is a replacement charger for Hyperice products. This includes the Vyper and . AC/DC Adapter.


The Hyperice charger will never let your recovery tools go without a charge. This way you can always make recovery a priority, and take these essentials with you on the go!


  • Advanced Charging: Plugs into the wall for fast and effective charging.

Why You Need It:

The Charger allows you to use your Hyperice products with ease.

How It Helps:

The Charger generates power to Vyper, Vyper 2.0, Hypersphere, Hypersphere Mini, Venom Back, Venom Shoulder, and Venom Leg. AC/DC Adapter.

What You Can Do With It:

This is a replacement charger for Hyperice products, so you can always have your recovery tools ready to go, so you can always get in an effective recovery session.