HOMEDICS TotalComfort Replacement Wicks for Personal Humidifier (6 Pack)


HoMedics is committed to helping you create a healthy home environment to relax your body, de-stress your mind, and simplify your life. Founded in 1987, we are a trusted leader in health and wellness. Our brand is widely recognized for home massage products, and continues to be the leading innovator in massage technology. Additionally, we carry a full line of in-home wellness products, including air filters, humidifiers, white noise machines, aroma diffusers, and more.

This is a pack of six replacement wicks for the Personal/Portable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier from HoMedics. Our cotton filters cartridges help to reduce buildup in your humidifier tank caused by hard water. Hard water has a high mineral content that can contain calcium, lime, and magnesium. Enjoy the cool misting effects of the Ultrasonic Humidifier without the “white dust” buildup.

You can tell you have hard water if you see stains in your tub and sink, or build up around your faucets. Your humidifier tank and motor may get mineral buildup which can cause it to work harder, or even stop working. HoMedics filters can reduce and prevent the buildup of minerals in your tank, extending its life and saving you money.

The minerals in hard water can cause “white dust.” When using a humidifier without a demineralization cartridge this “dust” residue gets into your air and can collect on your home furnishings and bedding. Using HoMedics Ultrasonic Humidifier filters helps prevent this. If you have hard water, these wicks are a must!

  • PREVENTS HARD WATER MINERAL BUILD-UP: If you have hard water, this Cotton Replacement Wick is a must-have! The filter helps to prevent and reduce the “white-dust” caused by minerals and chemical in hard water
  • ECONOMIC WATER CLEANSER: This includes 6 Wick Filters! The filters work best with the HoMedics HUM-CM10, HUM-CM10WC6D ultrasonic humidifiers. Each filter stick gets 6-8 weeks of performance!
  • EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR HUMIDIFIER: If you have hard-water, that means you are getting build-up in your humidifier tank! The minerals can build up in your tank and its motor which can keep it from working properly. HoMedics Cotton Filters can help extend the life of your humidifier motor and tank by purifying the water inside and keeping it clean
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: These Replacement Wicks are easy to use. Soak your filter in water before simply inserting it into your ultrasonic humidifier cap to begin enjoying clean, pure mist
  • WHAT YOU GET: Includes 6 White Cotton Humidifier Filter Wicks. Dimensions: Length: 6.3” Depth: 1.75.” One 30-day money back guarantee