Gordon Ellis- Grab Bar


The Prima Grab Bar range is high quality, smart in appearance and long-lasting in use.

The outside of each grab rail is made of white plastic with ribbed grips, over-moulded horizontally on to the rail to prevent the user’s hand slipping down the bar. The grab rails resist slipping even when wet and are always warm to the touch, unlike metal rails.

The Prima Grab Bar range has been ergonomically designed with an oval cross-section, to match the human grip. They feature a high 160kg (25 stone) load limit, made possible by a strong concealed aluminium core, which runs through the middle of the rail.

The complete rails can be installed vertically or horizontally. They can be fitted alone or in a combination of vertical and horizontal rails where appropriate, for steadying or transfer. If the rail is mounted vertically it will assist in pulling up to standing, or if mounted horizontally it will assist in pushing up, and for general mobility.

The angled grab bars give the user a forearm support whilst pulling up, which is useful for someone with painful hands or wrists, as it distributes body weight through the forearm instead of just the hand. The screws and strong fixing points are covered by two end caps, hiding them from view.

Please Note : No screws or wallplugs are supplied with any of our grab bars. 


The 16 inch (41cm) straight grab rail matches the standard wall stud distance.

Available Sizes: 12inch / 16inch / 18inch / 24inch  


Max. Weight Limit: 160kg / 25 stone / 350lbs