Denco - Makeup Blending Sponge Duo


Hold the large blending sponge under warm, running water until it expands to its full size. Gently squeeze out excess water. We like to do a final squeeze in a clean, dry towel so the sponge is just damp. Dab liquid foundation on your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Using the flat edge of the blending sponge, spread product in a thin layer across your entire face. Then, using the rounded sides of the blender in a press-and-roll motion, blend and blur until the product is completely smooth and streak-free. For concealer, run the mini sponge under warm water until it expands and gently squeeze out the excess water until the sponge is barely damp. Apply concealer by using your fingers to lightly dab product under your eyes. Gently tap and press with the tip of the damp sponge until it is completely blended.


Item #: 4986N