Daiwa-Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator (Alkaline ionized water apparatus) Engage in a healthy lifestyle with hydrogen water.

Daiwa-Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator (Alkaline ionized water apparatus) Engage in a healthy lifestyle with hydrogen water. - Relaxacare

Daiwa-Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator (Alkaline ionized water apparatus) Engage in a healthy lifestyle with hydrogen water.

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Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator
(Alkaline ionized water apparatus)

Easily generate electrolytic hydrogen water at home.
Use the power of hydrogen for daily health management.

As our body requires water every day,
most of us pursue clean water as a way to maintain our health.
Unlike mineral water, the electrolyzed hydrogen water generated by the HWP-55
includes plenty of hydrogen, as generated by electrolysis.
For all aspects of daily life, including daily water intake,
and for making drinks such as tea, etc., as well as for cooking,
Fujiiryoki has brought this unique electrolyzed hydrogen water to market
as part of its drive to support beauty and health.

How about incorporating electrolyzed hydrogen water
into your family’s daily efforts for health maintenance?

What is electrolytic hydrogen water?

Electrolytic hydrogen water for gastrointestinal health

One of the main qualities of electrolytic hydrogen water is that it has positive effects for the improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms. For example, many acknowledge its ability to ease any discomfort or an upset stomach may have. In other words, drinking electrolytic hydrogen water, unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms can gradually be alleviated.

Efficacy or effects of electrolytic hydrogen water

Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms

Electrolytic hydrogen water alleviates dull feelings in the stomach and stomach discomfort.
It also helps gastrointestinal movement and improves bowel movement.

What are the differences between an electrolytic hydrogen water generator and a water purifier?

A water purifier is used for eliminating residual chlorine and impurities from tap water, in order to make clean water.

An electrolytic hydrogen water generator is used for electrolyzing the purified water from which impurities and chlorinous odors are removed to make electrolytic hydrogen water and acidic water. Therefore, the functionality and characteristics of the generated water are completely different.

The electrolytic hydrogen water generator can easily generate, at home, not only purified water that tastes better than tap water but also electrolytic hydrogen water that is good for health at home.

The secret of electrolytic hydrogen water is the difference in the oxidation reduction potential.

The index that indicates the electrical energy amount of water is known as "oxidation reduction potential" (ORP). The higher the positive value, the stronger the oxidation power, and then the higher the negative value, the stronger the reduction power that deoxidizes oxidized materials.

Electrolytic hydrogen water has a negative value, thus we could say that it has a strong reduction power.

Mechanism of the Electrolytic hydrogen water generator

The apparatus purifies the tap water, and then electrolyzes the water.
By that, electrolytic hydrogen water is generated at the negative electrode with acidic water at the positive electrode.

Note: This site uses the terms "electrolytic hydrogen water" and "acidic water" for the names of generated water.
These correspond to the terms "alkaline electrolytic water" and "acidic electrolytic water" used in JIS T 2004 (water electrolyzer for home use).


This product can generate purified water, acidic water, etc.,
in addition to the electrolytic hydrogen water.

Fujiiryoki’s electrolytic hydrogen water generator HWP-55 can generate purified water, acidic water, and sanitized water in addition to electrolytic hydrogen water. Various types of water can be used depending on the purpose.

About the Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus (AAIWA)

The Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus (AAIWA) was established with the participation of our company and other related companies so that customers can use products without worry. The AAIWA carries out activities so that apparatus can be used for the healthy and comfortable lives of customers, focusing on promoting academic research related to the efficacy and effects of alkaline ionized water and for elucidating users on the proper use of water apparatuses.

Note: Fujiiryoki is a member of the AAIWA.

Electrolytic hydrogen water

Drink electrolytic hydrogen water to improve gastrointestinal symptoms.

Purified water

This is suitable for preparing milk for babies and for taking medicine.

Acidic water

Acidic water is recommended for washing your face.

Sanitized water

Sanitized water can be used for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

Adding flavor to life and making it healthier
with 10 types of selectable water.

Good water can for instance make the food taste better, as it also is good for skin care.
With easy button-based operation, users can choose one from 10 types of water that can improve daily life.


NEW "H2" (Hydrogen Plus) button

For water quality in which the pH does not easily increase, users can press the "H2" button to change the pH to one suitable for the intended purpose.

The amount of dissolved hydrogen increases up to 20%.

Note: Comparison between normal mode and the Hydrogen Plus mode when using pH 9.5 synthetic water (synthetic water based on JIS T 2004)Note: Depends on water quality


Added display of the hydrogen level

Displays the hydrogen level in a manner that is easy to understand when the "Switch Display" button is pressed (six levels)

When using
pH 9.5 Hydrogen Plus


When using
pH 9.5


Users can choose from 10 types of water: 3 x 2Hydrogen Plus+4

Display Hydrogen levels

Strong alkaline hydrogen water: pH 10.5

For cooking preparation, such as removing harsh taste of vegetables


Alkaline Hydrogen water 3:
pH 9.5 Hydrogen Plus

For daily drinking use for health management


Alkaline Hydrogen water 3:
pH 9.5

For cooking, making tea, etc.; this water can improve taste.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 2:
pH 9.0 Hydrogen Plus

For hydration after sports, etc., and to be used when one’s body has become more used to drinking electrolytic hydrogen water.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 2:
pH 9.0

For washing rice and cooking rice; for fluffy rice.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 1:
pH 8.5 Hydrogen Plus

For after waking up each morning and before sleeping.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 1:
pH 8.5

Start from this level if you are just starting to drink electrolytic hydrogen water.

Purified water

Recommendable for taking medicine and for making milk for babies.

Acidic water: pH 5.5

The water can also be used for washing the face, as it tightens the skin.

Sanitized water: pH 2.5

The water can be used for cleaning and sterilizing tableware, and for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

Note: Table salt needs to be added.

Secret to the generation of water containing ample hydrogen:
A high-efficiency
electrolytic tank.

Fujiiryoki’s electrolytic tanks can generate alkaline ionized water,
which contains a lot of hydrogen, all via advanced technology.

Japanese patent No.4914338

Making healthy electrolytic hydrogen water
via excellent water purification functionality and an electrolytic tank

Eliminates 13 substances specified by the JIS standard

  • ① Free residual chlorine
  • ② Turbidity
  • ③ Total trihalomethane
  • ④ Chloroform
  • ⑤ Bromodichloromethane
  • ⑥ Dibromochloromethane
  • ⑦ Bromoform
  • ⑧ Soluble lead
  • ⑨ CAT (agricultural chemical)
  • ⑩ 2-MIB (mold smell)
  • ⑪ Tetrachloroethylene
  • ⑫ Trichloroethylene
  • ⑬ 1,1,1-trichloroethane
High-efficiency electrolytic tank

Five electrodes and a high-efficiency electrolytic tank are adopted. By restricting the volume of wastewater while maintaining the industry’s largest-level delivery water amount, attaining high levels of dissolved hydrogen is made possible.


Via a platina fine coating, water that contains a lot of hydrogen can be generated.

Via the platina fine coating on electrodes and through powerful electrolyzation, electrolytic hydrogen water that contains ample hydrogen, which has reduction power, can be generated.

The regular replacement of the cartridge is necessary.

A digital counter shows how many more liters can be filtered effectively until replacement is needed.
When reaching the replacement timing
When the water flow is stopped, an alarm sound and the replacement lamp will notify you.
When the available water-flow amount reaches 0 liters
When two years have passed since the beginning of use
  • Filtering capacity

    (When free residual chlorine and turbidity are targeted)
  • Replacement guideline

    Once in about two years
    (When using 20 L a day)

Energy-saving performance and eco-friendliness:
Choose wisely. Choose Fujiiryoki’s HWP-55.

Eco-friendlier with improved water-saving capability

The amount of wastewater (acidic water) generated is very low.

Wastewater (acidic water), which always occurs when producing electrolytic hydrogen water, is kept to a strict minimum.


Approx. 5%

The flow rate when Alkaline Hydrogen Water 1, 2, or 3 is selected is 19:1. This is the top class* in the industry.

* As of February 2014 (based on an internal investigation)

If used within 30 minutes, no water is wasted!


Approximately 3,400 L
of water can be saved.*
If water of the same water quality (Alkaline Hydrogen Water 1, 2, 3, or purified water) is used again within 30 minutes, all the water can be used without wasting the water that remains in the generator.

If electrolytic hydrogen water is used for three meals a day and for tea within 30 minutes after each meal, the generated wastewater is zero, with a generation ratio of 4:1→19:1

No worry necessary, with the auto power-off function

The auto power-off function turns the power off 30 minutes after use. This prevents the wasting of electricity.

Industry’s top-class water volume

The amount of electrolytic hydrogen water generated by electrolysis is 5.5 L per minute, which is the best in the industry. Thus, a family can use all the water they need.

Each minute

Approx. 5.5 L
(Maximum delivered water amount currently available)

Easy-to-use, long delivery pipe

The pipe used is now longer, at 65 cm, and there is more space around the faucet, allowing users to make better use of their kitchen.

Slim body: Makes placement easy

A compact size of just 12 cm in depth allows users to situate the product in a kitchen of any style.

Hassle-free, with an auto cleaning function

Real-time refresh function

Reduces the amount of calcium sticking to the electrode plates and supports the electrolysis ability.

Auto refresh function

For each 10 L of electrolytic hydrogen water used, 30 minutes after the water is stopped, the electrode plates are automatically cleaned for 10 seconds.


Electrolytic hydrogen water generator HWP-55

  • ● Main unit dimensions (approx.): W225 x D120 x H347 mm
  • ● Weight (approx.): 5.7 kg (When filled with water, 6.6 kg)
  • ● Rating: AC 100V~ (50/60 Hz)
  • ● Power consumption (approx.) 250 W (Standby: 0.4 W)
  • ● Power cable (approx.): 2.5 m
  • ● Water supply connection: Lever switching
  • ● Water supply method: Delivery water faucet branch stopper
  • ● Main unit passable water pressure (dynamic water pressure): Approx. 70–500 kPa
  • ● Operable water pipe pressure (static water pressure): Approx. 70–750 kPa
  • ● Electrolysis
<Electrolytic ability switch>
Alkaline Hydrogen Water of three levels + Strong Alkaline Hydrogen Water at one level, acidic water at one level, sanitized water at one level
<Processing water>
For Alkaline Hydrogen Water 1, 2, or 3 with dynamic water pressure at 100 kPa:
Delivery water amount/electrolytic hydrogen water: Approx. 2.65 L/minute
Volume of wastewater/acidic water: Approx. 0.15 L/minute
For Alkaline Hydrogen Water 1, 2, or 3 with dynamic water pressure a 350 kPa:
Delivery water amount/electrolytic hydrogen water: Approx. 5.5 L/minute
Volume of wastewater/acidic water: Approx. 0.29 L/minute
  • Water purifying cartridge (FW-13CM)
<Filtering materials>
Hollow fiber membrane, silver-added granular activated charcoal, fibrous activated charcoal, etc.
<Filtering capacity>
13 substances as specified by the JIS standard, including the following, are eliminated.
Free residual chlorine: Approx. 16,000 L*1
Turbidity: Approx. 16,000 L*2
Total trihalomethane: Approx. 6,500 L*1
*1 Value of an 80% removal rate via the testing methods for household water purifiers (JIS S3201)
*2 Value of a 50% filtering flow volume via the testing methods for household water purifiers (JIS S3201)
<Life cycle>
If free residual chlorine and turbidity are targeted: Approx. 2 years*3
If total trihalomethane is targeted: Approx. 10 months*3

*3 Assuming that 20 L of water is used per day

[Enclosed accessories]
  • ・Branch stopper
  • ・Accessories for installing the branch stopper
  • ・Table salt for generating sanitized water
  • ・Set of pH measurement liquids, etc.

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Huge Promo-DAIWA - Felicity Original Chi Machine Vitality Swing - Relaxacare
Huge Promo-DAIWA - Felicity Original Chi Machine Vitality Swing - Relaxacare
Huge Promo-DAIWA - Felicity Original Chi Machine Vitality Swing
Sale price $429.99 Regular price $499.99 Save $70
Mega Sale-DAIWA - Reflex Roller - Foot Massager - Relaxacare
Mega Sale-DAIWA - Reflex Roller - Foot Massager
Daiwa - Orthopedic Stretch Mate - Relaxacare
Daiwa - Orthopedic Stretch Mate - Relaxacare
Daiwa - Orthopedic Stretch Mate
Sale price $54.99 Regular price $69.99 Save $15

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