COREFX - Muscle Activator

COREFX - Muscle Activator
COREFX - Muscle Activator
COREFX - Muscle Activator

COREFX - Muscle Activator

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The Muscle Activator is composed of high density rubber that is hygienic, latex free, durable, recyclable, and hypoallergenic. Designed to help you recover faster so you can perform your best.


The Muscle Activator has a unique surface that molds to your body for various angles of attack on tense muscles. This  creates optimal pressure to target deep trigger points, breaking up knots and restoring mobility. 


  • Deep Tissue Treatment: Features Super dense material with grooves that help target large muscle groups that need treatment after strenuous exercise. 
  • Unique Patterned GroovesThe deep grooves reach far into inner muscles & joints separating the muscles and ironing out any knots. This helps to relieve tightness & improve circulation for immediate and long-term results. 
  • Latex FreeThe Muscle Activator is easy to clean, made with thermoplastic high density rubber that is recyclable and hypoallergenic.

Why You Need It:
The COREFX Muscle Activator helps break up knots, increasing your stimulation and circulation. This will provide you with instant muscle relief, allowing you to perform at your best. 

How It Helps:
The Muscle Activator utilizes its grooves to shear apart any stiff muscle fibers that have become bunched together. This helps with pain relief, physical therapy, myofascial release, and trigger points. The Muscle Activator is also great for reflexology, piriformis syndrome, acupressure, mobility, spine and deep tissue massage treatment. 

What You Can Do With It:
The COREFX Muscle activator provides you with the optimal pressure needed for breaking up knots. This can be used to restore mobility in almost any muscle group such as your glutes, thighs, chest, calves, feet, shoulders, upper/lower back.

Item #: CFXMSB

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