COREFX - Kettlebell


The COREFX Kettlebells feature premium rubber coating with a dual surface texture for superior grip. Designed to help prevent scuffs and chips that often come with repeated kettlebell use. 

Available in thirteen different sizes to accommodate various exercises.

10LB - CFXKB10

15LB - CFXKB15

20LB - CFXKB20

25LB - CFXKB25

30LB - CFXKB30

35LB - CFXKB35

40LB - CFXKB40

45LB - CFXKB45

50LB - CFXKB50

55LB - CFXKB55

60LB - CFXKB60

65LB - CFXKB65

70LB - CFXKB70


The COREFX Kettlebell is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment, that is a staple in all gyms, studios and at home gyms.


  • Rubber Coating: Designed to minimize noise while exercising and help protect your flooring, while providing you with extreme grip. 
  • Weight VarietyFeatures 13 different weight variances with the weight printed on the top for ultimate efficiency during your workout.
  • Top Quality: Constructed of solid cast iron with a baked enamel finish, for less friction when changing hand positions. 

Why You Need It:
The COREFX Kettlebell has a superior lifespan, featuring rubber coating keeping your kettlebell in tip top shape. This helps prevent any damage that comes with  daily kettlebell use. 

How It Helps:
The COREFX Kettlebell is perfect for a variety of exercises that challenges your body to train off center. While certain exercises and weight machines isolate muscles, kettlebell exercises train your body as a whole, providing you with the most effective workout. 

What You Can Do With It:
You can incorporate a variety of Kettlebell exercises into your workout regimen. Featuring a dual surface texture, our Kettlebell has a great grip, which is best for goblet squats. You can also try an overhead or farmer carry, as well as deadlifts, and many more!