-Demo unit-TruMedic 2020 model-IS-4000 Pro Foot Massager with Heat

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This comes with calf pads!
TruMedic Foot massager

Sit back and relax anywhere you want with a deep-tissue Shiatsu massage in the truMedic Vibration Foot Massager with heat! The IS-4000PRO+ has 3 speeds, heated massage mode, and comes with vibration technology for a complete foot massaging experience.

Ergonomic and Easy-to-Use

This foot massager is specially designed to target specific reflex points in the foot to provide a full-body relaxation experience. Just plug it in and turn it on to turn any room into your own private spa!

A Heated, Customized Massage

With 3 different speeds and optional vibration, you can tailor each and every foot massage to meet your needs. Press the heat button to add soothing heat to your session. It’s a comfortable, stylish massage, every time.

Enhance Your Massage with Vibration

The IS-4000PRO+ features vibration technology for a deeper, more relaxing massage that soothes even the sorest of feet.