concorde-Bar With Lat Handles



The Bar with Lat Handles features a solid steel construction with knurled outer handles and inner bar providing various no-slip grips to build stronger triceps, while activating muscles around your back, abs and shoulders. 



  • Ultimate Comfort: Features a rubber non-slip grip for a deeper and uninterrupted range of motion.  
  • Top Quality: Made with high-quality steel with a chrome-coated finish.
  • Secured Grip: Includes handles for a secure grip and more controlled and balanced force during your exercise.

Why You Need It:
The Bar with Lat Handles offers ultimate control with its ultra-grip handles, allowing you to focus on building specific muscle groups such as your lats, traps, rhomboids, and serratus muscles.

How It Helps:
The Lat Bar Attachment offers various grip options and a smooth and fluid center swivel, which allows for seamless reps and uninterrupted range of motion. 

What You Can Do With It:
The Lat Bar Attachment allows you to perform a variation of back exercises with its wide and narrow pronated-grip. 

SKU: Z6833