ComfiHips Women’s Hip Protector

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  • ComfiHips® features ultra-soft undergarments with pockets that are strategically placed for ComfiHips® pads to fit into
  • The pads are amazingly light - each pad actually weighs less than 25 potato chips - and they fit easily into concealed interior pockets of specially-designed, ultra-soft ComfiHips® undergarments
  • ComfiHips® are so comfortable and are designed to be worn around the clock for the best protection of your residents
  • If an incontinent product is being worn, go up one size (no velcro or snaps on the undergarments)
  • ComfiHips® Undergarments must be used with ComfiHips® pads ONLY
  • Contents: 2 undergarments, 2 hip pads and Fall Prevention Pamphlet: Tips for Home Safety