CAREX - Walker Glides


Improve your walker's mobility with Carex Walker Glides. The sliders for walkers fit most walkers and are designed for use on the back of a wheeled walker. The wheeled glides add more safety with a built-in brake. The brake is activated by pressing down on the hand grips. These replacement glides for walkers help reduce the effort needed to push the walker. They greatly improve the walker's ability to move over various terrains.


  • Available for 1" and 1.125" walker tubing. The walker caps serve as an excellent replacement for any walker leg cap. Installation is quick and easy, only taking a minute.
  • 3 points of contact for better stability. The three points of contact give your walker a better glide over most surfaces. Not only this, but they provide a more durable and even wear compared to flat glides.

Trust in Carex for all your mobility aid needs. For over 35 years, we've been the leader in mobility aids, including walker accessories. Our wide selection, satisfaction guarantee, and product warranty mean you're well covered with your mobility aid purchase. All of our products are designed to improve, enable, and keep our customers independent. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.