CAREX - Soft Grip Folding Cane


The Soft Grip Folding Cane provides the most comfortable grip on the market. This ergonomic cane's innovative technology reduces pressure and stress on the wrist and feels soft to the touch. The anti-slip feature makes it safe to use, and it folds easily for storage or travel. It comes with a convenient wrist strap.

  • Foldable cane. The collapsible cane easily folds up for simple storage or to be used as a folding travel cane. Pull each cane component to fold up for storage.
  • Designed for comfort and support. This mobility aid combines an offset handle with an ergonomic grip for maximum support and comfort. The ergonomic walking canes handle reduces the stress put on the wrist while centralizing the weight support.
  • Made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum. The lightweight adjustable walking cane can support up to 250 lbs. and only weighs .7 lbs. The aluminum folding cane has been designed for anyone that may lack strength but relies daily on a mobility aid to get around.
  • Height adjustable. The Carex folding walking cane features an adjustable height of 33" to 37" to accommodate users of various heights.
  • Stylish and sleek. Choose from two elegant colors, blue or black.

FGA53700 - Black

FGA53800 - Blue