AMG - MedPro Aqua Shampoo Gloves


Sold by: Case
Packed: 12 gloves / pack, 12 packs / case

Each glove is pre-moistened on both sides with a formula clinically designed to remove excess sebum and buildup, leaving the hair fresh, clean and odor free.

Aqua No Rinse Bathing Products

Convenient, comfortable and effective bathing products that let you feel fresh everywhere

• Pre-moistened so you can wash anywhere
• Convenient re-sealable pack helps prevent drying
• Plastic liner protects hands while bathing.
• Can be used on sensitive, delicate skin
• Microwavable for extra comfort


009-310   Aqua Sensitive Pre-Moistened Wash Gloves

009-300   No Rinse Aqua Shampoo Gloves