360 Athletics - Ultraskin Balls


Safe play is of paramount concern in schools. 360 Athletics UltraSkin Balls are free of lead and phthalates and CPSIA approved.


Each ball has a soft inner foam core that provides excellent bounce at 40Kgs/M3. Coating provides excellent protection from rough surfaces. Perfect for all ages and sports.

3.5" Blue FX35B Green FX35G Orange FX35O Purple FX35P Red FX35R Yellow FX35Y

6.3" Blue FX63B Green FX63G Orange FX63O Purple FX63P Red FX63R Yellow FX63Y

7.0" Blue FX70B Green FX70G Orange FX70O Purple FX70P Red FX70R Yellow FX70Y

8.0" Blue FX80B Green FX80G Orange FX80O Purple FX80P Red FX80R Yellow FX80Y

8.3" Blue FX83B Green FX83G Red FX83R Yellow FX83Y