360 Athletics - Jingle Bracelets


The Jingle Bracelets are a set of six rainbow colours, with a Velcro closure! They are a must have for dance and movement classes. Perfect for exploring sound through movement.



• SENSORY SKILLS: Great toy for kids to listen to as they move around. Connecting movement with sound.
• DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS: Help to develop baby’ s color-shape recognition and cognitive competence.
• VIBRANT COLOURS: Comes in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.
• HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of Nylon and mental, with adjustable nylon Velcro fastener.
• FITS ANYONE: Adjustable strap fits any baby or children.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Jingle Bracelets are fun for a baby or child to touch and hold, encouraging them to touch and explore.
HOW IT HELPS: The bright colors and crisp ringtones can attract children’s attention. This is a good helper for school and family education.
WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT: You can play a variety of games with the Jingle Bracelets, suitable for all ages.

Item #: JBR6