Tips To Help You Get the Most Out of Your Massage Chair

With the myriad of health benefits massage has to offer, it’s natural to want to jump in headfirst when one’s massage chair comes in the mail. However, you can render even the healthiest activities ineffective if you don’t perform them well. The same is true for using a massage chair. If you want to ensure you have the best possible experience, check out these tips to help you get the most out of your massage chair.

Choose Your Chair Well

Imagine someone walked into a massage parlor with aching shoulders and asked the masseuse for a foot massage. They wouldn’t get the most out of the massage because they wouldn’t focus on the area that’s in pain. To get the most out of your massage chair, start with choosing the right chair for your needs. Keep these ideas in mind as you choose a chair:

  • What part of your body you want to target.
  • How intense of a massage you want to receive.
  • Amount of customizable options
  • What bonus features are important to you, such as MP3 or color therapy.

Additionally, keep in mind practical elements, such as the size of the chair. If you cannot get the chair into the space you want, it won’t be easy to enjoy the massage.

Focus on Before and After Massage Activity

It may not be evident from the outside, but massage impacts internal bodily functions—muscles are worked, blood flow increases, toxins are flushed. Because of this, what you do to your body before and after can impact your experience.

There are several activities you should avoid before getting a massage like drinking alcohol or eating a large meal. Instead, focus on drinking plenty of water and wait to get in the chair until an hour after you eat. After the fact, it’s essential that you keep drinking water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Also, doing light stretches will help you avoid post-massage soreness.

Don’t Overuse Your Chair

As we said, massage chairs impact your body on a deeper level than we appreciate. While these processes are good in moderation, they can become detrimental when used in excess. The main risk is bruising and potential damage to the nervous system. Most experts agree that 15-minute intervals will allow you to reap all massage benefits without overdoing it.

Find the Right Programs

Modern massage chairs come with a variety of customizable features. As such, you can find a massage program for almost every scenario—whether you’re struggling with arthritis or insomnia. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the programs and customizable options when you first get your massage chair. That way, you’ll be able to use the chair to meet your needs more effectively as they come up.

For example, among our line of Obusforme massagers, you will find chairs with programs designed to give gentle massages, work specific parts of the body like the neck and shoulders, or even give a full-body stretch. With so many options, it would be hard not to find a program to meet your needs.

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