Things You Should Never Do Before a Massage

If you were about to work with clay, you would want to make sure it was soft and pliable beforehand. You would avoid doing things that would make it harder to work with, such as leaving it out to dry or forgetting to remove the air pockets. In the same way, there are things you should never do before a massage if you want to make your muscles easier to work.

Drink Alcohol

Many people’s wind-down routine at the end of a long day involves a glass of wine or bottle of beer. As such, it may seem apropos to pour yourself a drink before settling into a massage chair. However, massage helps maximize circulation, releasing toxins from the bloodstream that metabolize in the kidneys. When we combine this process with alcohol, several things happen:

  • Toxins and alcohol hit the bloodstream at the same time, amplifying alcohol’s negative effects.
  • Since the liver is processing toxins, it may not process alcohol as efficiently.
  • The increased blood flow amplifies how drunk you get.
  • The process of toxin flushing requires a lot of water, making dehydration more probable and worsening hangovers.

Wine and massage are relaxing separately, but drinking is something you should never do before a massage unless it involves a tall glass of water.


Lying out in the sun is a relaxing way to while away a summer afternoon. But if you are prone to sunburn, a few minutes too long can lead to irritated skin that is painful to the touch, especially if your burns have become blisters. Since getting a massage requires applying pressure to the skin, it may be a better idea to slather on some aloe vera and wait for your skin to heal before hitting the massage chair again.

Eat a Heavy Meal

If you have ever celebrated Thanksgiving, you know that a large meal can leave you feeling warm, comfortable, and maybe a little sleepy. That’s the perfect time for a massage, right? But getting a massage on a very full stomach can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, especially if your massage utilizes pressure. It may even lead to indigestion. If you do eat, stick to a light meal or wait an hour or two before you get into your chair.

Leave an Injury Untreated

Massages can be a great tool to help enhance the healing process after an injury. However, this is not true of all injuries, and it’s not right for every stage of the healing process. If you’ve just sprained your ankle, make sure you seek medical attention first and talk to your doctor about incorporating massage into your recovery process. Then you’ll be able to settle into one of our iComfort foot massagers with your mind at ease.

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