The Top Ten Massage Chairs of 2021

There are a lot of words that we can apply to the past year, and “stressful” is undoubtedly one of them. Fortunately, a new year means a new start, and if you want to prioritize relaxation this year, a massage chair is the perfect way to do it. While all the massage chairs on our site are high quality, we’ve selected the top ten massage chairs of 2021 to help you narrow down your choice.

iComfort IC6600 Massage Chair

Our list begins simply with the iComfort IC6600. While not as technologically advanced as some of the choices later in our list, it has an elegance of design that is unique in the massage chair world. Its beautiful cream and chocolate finish make a great addition to any room. But the iComfort has more than looks going for it. With five massage modes, airbag compression, and magnetotherapy, you can expect a luxurious massage.

Westinghouse Massage Chair WES41-3000

This Westinghouse massage chair provides an even more immersive massage experience. Along with having the standard five massage modes, it also allows you to focus the massage on certain areas of the body as needed and control how intense a massage you get. But the real star of this show is the zero-gravity function. Because of the way zero-gravity massage chairs work, this chair can help relieve spinal pain and provide a deeper massage.

3D-TruMedic Etude Massage Chair With Active Stretch

The Etude Massage Chair truly stands out in our truMedic massage chair collection. The star of Trumedic’s new line, the Etude chair utilizes body scan technology. This allows the chair to sense the exact curvature of your muscles to provide the best massage. And with its combination of zero-gravity, body stretch technology, Bluetooth, and a built-in charger, it is the perfect chair for both therapeutic and hobbyist massage chair users.

Osaki 4000CS Massage Chair

The massage chair world is enthused with Osaki massage chairs, and it’s no wonder. The Osaki 4000CS has everything you could possibly want in a massage chair—massage functionality, airbags, zero-gravity technology, body scan—even heated lumbar pads. Even so, this chair takes up an astonishingly small amount of space. Its sleek, elegant design makes it an easy addition to any room and easy to move if you want it in another place.

Ogawa Massage Chair Active L Plus

This Ogawa chair truly targets every corner of your body. It already has all the bells and whistles of a high-quality massage chair—air compression, zero-gravity, heat, and foot massage. Then, it adds to that the beauty of the SL massage track. Its rollers follow the curvature of the spine and provide tension and relief to your glutes and thighs. It also combines this with the many benefits of light therapy to give you a truly relaxing experience.

Spa Dynamix Vitala Massage Chair

The Vitala massage chair provides new depths of customization options for your massage experience. With its LED remote, you can control the intensity of the massage, what kind of massage you want to receive, how long the massage lasts, and where you are massaged, including feet and arms. It also comes equipped with a chiropractor twist, a cutting-edge massage chair technique that helps stretch your back.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Advanced

The Admiral Advanced chair takes all the benefits of the Osaki 4000CS and expands upon them. It adds to its already impressive list spinning reflexology foot rollers, enhanced Bluetooth speakers, and sixteen different auto-massage programs. These programs help you pick the perfect massage for every scenario, such as:

  • Text-Neck
  • Senior health issues
  • Post-athletic massage
  • Reenergize
  • Sleep Air
  • Stretch

This makes this chair perfect for whatever issue that you want to target.

4D-Ogawa Master Drive AI Massage Chair

This variety of the Ogawa chair combines historic massage tradition with cutting-edge technology. The chair utilizes an AI called “Chair Doctor,” which helps detect the tension in your body to help you choose a massage best suited for you. It also helps target thirty-six acupuncture pressure points using 4D Vario Motion Rollers. These unique rollers have extremely precise movements and speed settings and mimic human touch.

Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair

For some, buying a massage chair is about taking care of specific health needs like muscle pain. This is especially true as you get older. Medical breakthrough chairs are designed for those who need to capitalize on the health benefits of massage, and this chair is the latest in its line. It comes equipped with three different systems to help target specific health needs, such as:

  • The Aches and Pain System: Focuses on giving the body a head-to-toe massage in order to relieve muscle aches and pain.
  • Fatigue Recovery System: Focuses on working the muscles much like a warm-up would to give the body energy.
  • Arthrosis Joint Care System: Specifically focuses on relieving pain in the joints while also reducing inflammation and swelling.

This chair is perfect for fighting the ravages of time to help you continue to face the day, whatever your age.

Inada Robo Massage Chair

This chair has a cutting-edge AI system that tracks the user’s entire skeletal structure and muscle shape and size. From here, it identifies the user’s unique Shiatsu points. During the massage, it automatically adjusts its speed and pressure based on the muscles’ tension, making it the closest thing one can get to a human masseuse. Otherwise, you can use one of the chair’s twenty-four different auto-massage settings.

The extensions on the side of the chair that massage your arms and legs are unique among chairs because they target the limbs from three angles. This gripping motion very closely mimics real human hands. Along with this, the tall back of the chair is equipped with a “noise reduction dome.” These four-channel speakers surround the head, allowing you to truly sink into a personal relaxation oasis. After all, there’s a reason that this massage chair ranks number one among the top ten massage chairs of 2021.

While 2020 was tough, we can walk into 2021 well equipped to handle all the little stresses of life thanks to new massage technology. A massage chair may not solve all the unforeseen challenges that this year will hold, but it will certainly be there to help you wind down afterward.

The Top Ten Massage Chairs of 2021

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