How a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Works

How a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Works

Mankind always finds new and innovative ways to respond to the challenges of life. In many ways, that is why massage chairs exist—they are a way of responding to the challenge of stress and body aches. One of the more recent innovations to come to the massage chair world is the Zero Gravity chair; it uses aerospace technology to provide a whole new level of relaxation and stress-relief. Because examining previous innovations helps spark new ones, here is a brief look at how a zero gravity massage chair works.

What Does “Zero Gravity” Mean?

When we think of the term “zero gravity,” most of us get an image of astronauts floating weightlessly through the International Space Station. Interestingly, zero gravity chairs were made with astronauts in mind. NASA invented the chair to mimic the feeling astronauts get when they take off in a rocket, and when you sit in the chair you are supposed to feel like you are being suspended in zero gravity.

A zero gravity massage chair works by not only reclining you backwards, but by elevating your feet so that they are level with your heart. Being reclined this way evenly distributes stress across your body, relieving tension from any one part of the body. This position by itself is relaxing to the body, and you can find normal lawn chairs and recliners made with a zero-gravity position; however, by incorporating massage technology, the chair becomes the pinnacle of relaxation.

Benefits of Zero Gravity

Improved Circulation

Along with offering relief from muscle tension, the zero-gravity position is uniquely able to help with circulation. When your legs are elevated, it helps blood flow in and out of your heart with more ease and helps prevent blood pooling. These traits reduce blood pressure and increase the blood’s ability to transport oxygen which can help boost immune functions and metabolism.

Back Pain Relief

Between the individual vertebrae of our spine are fluids designed to give us greater mobility. However, over time, bad posture and day-to-day living cause these fluids to leak out, making our backs less flexible and causing back pain. Lying in a zero-gravity position can help decompress the spine, allowing fluid back in to relieve pain and help flexibility. It also helps improve posture which prevents future back pain.

A Deeper Massage

Zero gravity chairs take all the health benefits of massage and expand on them. While normal massage chairs give an excellent massage, the further recline that zero-gravity chairs provide makes your back have greater contact with the chair. That means the rollers in the chair are better able to give you a deeper massage than if you were sitting upright.

As we continue to find new ways to respond to pain, new massage innovations will continue to arise. Until they do, you can enjoy a zero-gravity massage chair from us here at Relaxacare and do some innovating of your own by matching your massage chair with other Homedics massage equipment for the ultimate experience.

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