The Health Benefits of Massage

Self-care is so important. Everyone should take a little time to themselves each day to relax and do what makes them happy. To some people, this means getting all dolled up. Putting on a slick pair of jeans and styling your hair in a new way can make you feel strong and confident. Some people, on the other hand, get massages to help them decompress. This article will explain that not only is getting a massage the ideal self-care activity but that there are also numerous health benefits associated with massages that can improve your overall well-being.

Relieves Anxiety & Depression

Today’s society is incredibly fast-paced. Everyone’s so concerned with accomplishing their goals that they throw their emotional health to the wayside. Some people take medication to deal with the pressure while others focus on alternative activities like exercise. Yet, massage therapy is a proven stress-reliever that more individuals should try. According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, a 60-minute massage can reduce your cortisol levels by nearly 30%. Cortisol is a hormone that’s produced by the body when you’re stressed. Moreover, a massage can increase a person’s serotonin levels. The decreased levels of cortisol combined with the increased serotonin levels make massage therapy the perfect treatment for people who experience anxiety.

Another reason why massages are effective at relieving stress is that they provide people a safe space to clear their minds. People are so focused on getting from Point A to Point B throughout the day – everything is go, go, go. When you walk in for a massage, however, you can relieve your mind of all the worries you’ve been holding onto. A massage room is a safe space where you can shut out the craziness of the outside world. Not only will this reduce your stress levels, but it may also help you alleviate symptoms of depression. Studies have shown that people who get massages regularly are less likely to exhibit signs of depression when compared to people who don’t.

Pain Management

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain. Doctors around the world prescribe individuals medication to help them cope with their pain symptoms. As the opioid crisis becomes an ever-prevalent issue within the global landscape, more and more physicians are seeking alternative treatments for these patients. One method doctors recommend to people who suffer from chronic pain is massage therapy. Massages are proven to help people with their pain management. For starters, massage therapy can help people reduce their frequency of migraines or headaches. This means people don’t have to pop pills every couple of hours to feel better. These methods can also help relieve back pain, muscle tension, and general aches that people experience. If you’re looking for alternative ways to deal with your pain, you should consider speaking to a medical professional about regular massage therapy.

Improves Sleep

Everyone has experienced sleepless nights. It’s tough to get some rest when there’s so much on your mind. Getting some much-needed shut-eye would be easier if you thought about partaking in massage therapy. Massages help you relax and let go of your anxieties. Again, massage therapy releases an impressive level of serotonin. Serotonin helps you feel calmer, so you won’t spend the night worrying about everything you have to do tomorrow. Instead, these treatments will let your brain know that it’s okay to relax, so you feel rejuvenated after a good night of sleep the next day. Massages are a healthy alternative to sleeping pills as well. Some people become reliant on sleep medication, and this can have detrimental effects on their health. Massages, on the other hand, are a natural treatment that does not lead to addictive patterns.

Increased Flexibility & Circulation

Our bodies change as we age. One of the most significant changes that happens is due to a decrease in flexibility. You’ll notice that it’s more difficult to pick something up off the ground or bend a certain way. Massage therapy can help increase your flexibility, so these tasks aren’t as challenging. You’ll be able to move a lot easier if your muscles and joints are stretched out a regular basis.

Getting a massage helps improve your body’s circulation, too. Lots of us are guilty of sitting too much throughout the day. This sedentary lifestyle is bad for your fitness, as well as your circulation. People must have good blood flow so that vital organs like the lungs, heart, and brain function properly. Strong circulation gives your organs the oxygen they need to run smoothly. People with poor circulation are more suspectable to clots and a lowered immune system. So please, take care of yourself as you get older and invest in regular massages.

Post-Surgery Treatment

Recovering from an operation is no small feat. You’ll likely have to undergo rehab, whether you underwent a minor or a major procedure. Look into massage therapy if you’ve recently had surgery. For starters, massages can help alleviate swelling that most patients experience. When someone works over a muscle, the inflammation surrounding it breaks up. Thus, the swelling goes down. Massage therapy can also help reduce the likelihood of muscle spasms. After an operation, your body must adjust to the new normal. It’s likely that muscles and tendons will spasm as a reaction to this. These ticks can be incredibly painful. Massages can help lessen the pain and possibly reduce the likelihood of spasms occurring. Athletes recovering from surgery should seriously consider giving massage therapy a try. The health benefits of this treatment can help get them back to their normal routines at a much faster pace of recovery.

So much of life has changed in such a short time. Millions of people are working from home, and kids have been home from school for months. Whether you’re chasing rambunctious kiddos around the house or working twelve-hour days from your dining room, you deserve a break. Think about investing in a full-body massage chair for your home. We hope this article helped you realize that there are several health benefits of massage that will make you feel better overall. There’s so much uncertainty in the air right now. You should take an hour for yourself and let the massage chair relieve you of your worries. You’ll feel much more rejuvenated and ready to take on the day once the session is complete.

The Health Benefits of Massage

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