Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist: Which Is Better?

One of the biggest arguments that opponents to the massage chair have is the idea that a massage chair will never be as good as a human masseuse. But with the explosion of innovations in the massage chair industry, one must wonder if that same belief is true today. We are here to answer the age-old question, massage chair vs. massage therapist: which is better?

Advantages of Massage Therapists


Even with the greatest advances, there are some advantages that human massage therapists have that massage chairs never will—namely, their human mind. A masseuse has some knowledge of the human body, as they have one themselves. They understand how their movements can impact you based on what they know about you and your condition. They can also ask about your experience in real-time and adjust their movements accordingly.

Human Touch

Human beings are naturally social creatures. We crave interaction. Accordingly, there are specific benefits to human touch that are hard to replicate in a machine.

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Leads to the natural production of dopamine and serotonin
  • Boosts immune systems
  • Reduces anxiety and loneliness
  • Increases oxytocin, which builds trust and compassion

Advantages of Massage Chairs

Variety of Features

In the early days, massage chair features were limited to rollers that went up and down, left and right, and incorporated vibration technology. While this was beneficial, it could never compare to the depth and thoroughness of the massages offered by human hands. But massage chair technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the years since. Between 3D and 4D rollers, airbag technology, heated cushions, and zero-gravity chairs, massage chairs can now mimic most massage techniques used by human masseuses, giving you equal health benefits.


There are times when soreness and muscle cramps flare up at unexpected and inconvenient times. Making an appointment with a massage therapist can take several days or weeks. But if you have a massage chair, you can find relief to these conditions almost immediately. Having a massage chair also makes it easier to make your massage work around your schedule. It may not always be possible to take over an hour out of your day to drive to a massage therapist’s office. Having a chair can allow you to personalize when and how long a massage lasts.

Which Is Better?

Because both types offer comparable health benefits, deciding which is better between massage chairs and massage therapists is ultimately a matter of preference and lifestyle. For some, the idea of a human being performing the massage simply makes them more comfortable. But if you prefer to have the same experience in your own home, our collection of chairs and Homedics massage equipment is here to meet your needs.

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