Common Massage Chair Techniques

When it comes to massages, there are countless techniques to choose from, each with their own benefits. Masseuses use a variety of tactics, and so do massage chairs. These common massage chair techniques mimic some of the more effective human massages to deliver the ultimate massage experience.


When most people think of massages, they think of the Swedish massage. This method involves relaxing the muscles by gently massaging them with long strokes and by kneading and tapping them. Massage chairs offer this style of massage using rollers. Rollers roll vertically or horizontally across the muscles and vibrate against them. This technique focuses on relaxing the muscles and improving circulation throughout the body. Most massage chairs, including our selection of Westinghouse massage chairs, offer this method.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage utilizes some of the same ideas as Swedish massages, but employs them more intensively. Deep tissue massage focuses on the entire body, applying deep pressure to loosen up muscle knots and help heal scar tissue from injuries. Massage chairs achieve this technique by utilizing 3D and 4D roller technology. Rather than simply having the rollers travel vertically and horizontally (2D rollers) the rollers travel forward and backward, applying more pressure to muscles.


Like deep tissue massage, compression massage also seeks to offer a more intensive muscle massage. In this case, it applies and releases pressure on muscles. This relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to these areas, and it is known to relieve inflammation and heal muscle strains. Chairs that have air-bag technology use this technique. These chairs surround the legs with small sacks of air. When the sacks inflate, they apply pressure, and when they deflate, they release the pressure, simulating compression massage.


Massage chair techniques do not only focus on different ways to apply pressure to the body. Heat can also help muscles relieve tension, which is why warm baths are so relaxing after a long day. Accordingly, some human masseuses bring heat into massages via warm stones. A massage chair may come equipped with cushions that heat up via warm water or other means. Along with relaxation, heat-based massages may reduce anxiety, boost immunity, and promote sleep.

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