iComfort IC5500 Massage Chair - 4d Massage - Brand New Design

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Relaxacare's Choice. Every inch is detailed. Fully loaded massed chair. This essentially is the Ferrari of massage chairs. 

Ease your tension and massage away stress with the iComfort® IC5500 therapeutic massage chair. You will feel as if you had your very own massage therapist. It can even massage your arms or head. The handy reclining and articulated footrest gives you maximum configuration options. The IC5500 reproduces over 5 massage therapies providing you the sensation of a professional massage in the comfort of your very own home. The iComfort® IC5500 therapeutic massage chair will provide you with many years of soothing massage and comfort.


- Contemporary style with high quality Polyurethane
- Sophisticated air massage for legs, feet, underfeet, waist, arms or head
- Built-in MP3/auxiliary player amplifier with Bluetooth and external speakers
- Power recline feature up to 170 degrees with separate recline/incline controls
- Reclining and inclining footrest
- Back heat feature
- 5 manual massage modes: kneading, reverse kneading, knocking, taping and vibration
- 39 airbags for stimulating compression massage
- 4 lifestyle automatic massage modes
- 2 automatic massage modes
- 4 head rotating massage