Sell your Massage Chair or wellness product online with us!

We sell wellness products, why not help other people trying to sell online! Connecting sellers to buyers in one easy transaction. Customers have the option of selling anything wellness related. From saunas to neck massagers, we will do our best to find top exposure to help with the sale! Anything in the wellness catagory we will be posting this to a special link! This is a great way to have a second income at home! Find any wellness related product and we will sell them! The hard work is done for you!

Customer is aware that warranty varies, Buyer must show all detail of cosmetic damage or any issues on the chair. Money is held for 30 days and Relaxacare facilitates the entire transaction. Once completed we send 80% to the Seller and the customer receives their chair ( this is similar to EBAY)


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Any disputes, the customer or buyer can email us at Both parties are protected.