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    For over 40 years, Keiser has been changing the way people of diverse ages and abilities exercise, while helping to improve their performance and quality of life. However, this success story began over 45 years ago when Dennis Keiser was hired to design the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer. A year later he launched "Commercial Design", a consulting engineering company that specialized in exercise equipment design. In 1976 Dennis' brother Randy joined him and a year later they formed Keiser Corporation. After a number of patents in both weight stack variable resistance design and hydraulic resistance design, Dennis applied for patent protection on a totally new concept for variable resistance using compressed air (pneumatics). In 1978 the brothers introduced to the world the first air powered variable resistance exercise machines for building strength and power.

    More than 80% of the top professional sports teams in the world now train on Keiser fitness products, including every baseball team in the majors, the soccer champions of nine countries, several American football champions and countless Olympians. They’re joined by everyone from NASA to Navy Seals, medical experts and rehabilitation specialists, and major gyms like LA Fitness.

    With more than 300,000 Keiser Indoor Bikes sold worldwide, trainers and fitness facility managers agree that our award-winning, groundbreaking cardio M Series, built on magnetic resistance technology, offers a simply better ride.

    20 products
    KEISER - M3 Indoor Bike
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    KEISER - M5i Strider Elliptical Machine
    Sale price $2,524.00 Regular price $3,824.00 Save $1,300
    KEISER - Small Compressor
    KEISER - Functional Trainer
    from $4,818.00
    KEISER - Dumbbell Holder for M3 and M3i
    KEISER - M7i Total Body Wheelchair Stepper
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    KEISER - M3i Total Body Trainer
    Sale price $2,524.00 Regular price $2,677.00 Save $153
    KEISER - Large Compressor
    KEISER - M7i Total Body Recumbent Stepper
    from $4,206.00
    KEISER - Force Machine
    KEISER - Stretch Corner
    KEISER - Bench For Functional Trainer
    KEISER - Performance Trainer Functional Training Equipment
    from $4,130.00
    KEISER - Functional Triple Trainer
    from $12,235.00
    KEISER - Half Rack Short Base
    from $8,641.00
    KEISER - Half Rack Long Base
    from $9,176.00
    KEISER - Power Rack
    from $9,175.00
    KEISER - A250 Triceps
    KEISER - A250 Upper Back