Why buy a massage chair?

Top 20 Benefits of Massage Chairs

People often wonder about the benefits of massage chairs. Is a massage chair right for me? Will it really help? Is it worth the investment?

Did you know that getting a good massage can help in solving a math problem, increasing employee loyalty, making better decisions at work, and looking really good while doing all that?

Most of us already know that massages equal relaxation, but there’s a lot more than that. Several health issues can be managed by regular massages, in addition to boosting immunity, energy, and general wellness. 

Read on to see the top 20 benefits of massage chairs, let’s see how many of them can actually help you. 

Massage Chair Health Benefits

Many people think of massage chairs as luxurious pieces of furniture, but they go beyond that and offer more than occasional muscle relaxation.

Numerous clinical studies show significant improvement in blood circulation, immunity response, muscle recovery, and managing hypertension.

The health benefits of massage can easily be associated with enhanced mobility, muscle recovery, pain management. It’s also effective in treating neck, upper back, and lower back issues.

The part that comes as a surprise to people is that regular massage can increase problem-solving abilities. That was demonstrated through medical research. 

It’s also quite effective in lowering stress levels and anxiety. That’s why there are many recommendations to include massage chairs in corporate settings, hospitals, and other places where people are usually high-strung.

Giving white-collar executives and healthcare personnel massages was found to improve their mental well being, and hence their work performance. It was found to also decrease the rate of incidence of work-related injuries.

Massages help significantly in overcoming anxietyand depression and alleviating insomnia and sleep disorders. We know now that anxiety stands behind many other illnesses, so treating it automatically solves a bunch of other symptoms.

Wellness comes from a relaxed body and a serene mind. Getting massages definitely contributes to both.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Benefits

You might perceive the word ‘Zero Gravity’ as coming from a space lab more than a luxury chair, and you wouldn’t be off the mark!

Zero gravity positioning started with the need to decrease the effects of take-off on astronauts. This was the optimal way to surmount that initial moment without straining their bodies.

Recently, the same tech was adopted in massage chairs to relieve the constant loading off of the joints and muscles.

Coupling this neutral position with a slight twist simulates a chiropractic's routine that mobilizes discs and clears the pinching that causes sciatica.

This alignment also enhances blood circulation, increases the efficiency of breathing, and helps the body in oxygenating its extremities.

This gives the body an energy boost, relaxes the muscles and joints, it could also decrease edema, and gives an overall feeling of wellness.    

The Benefits of Owning a Massage chair

Going to a spa or massage parlor is undoubtedly a heavenly experience. The thing is, you can’t have a session every day, or in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep no matter what.

You probably won’t be able to get that pampering at work or dedicate a masseuse to perform hundreds of corporate massages either.

Having a massage chair at home or work solves these logistical problems, and gives almost similar outcomes. Play some music, or light a couple of scented candles around the massage chair and you’re all set!

The frequency of massage sessions is also worth considering. With a home owned massage chair, you can have daily massages, anytime throughout the day, and you wouldn’t even have to book an appointment.

The Top 20 Benefits of Massage Chairs

1. Enhances Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

The combination of a deep tissue massage, heating cycles, and zero gravity positioning all contribute to restoring the body to a fit state after a workout.

Quicker recovery time means that with the soreness gone, you can resume your daily activities comfortably, and go back to your sports routine right away.  

2. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Several clinical studies demonstrated that regular massages were effective in decreasing stress and anxiety. Therapeutic massage stimulates the ‘feel-good hormones’ serotonin and dopamine. At the same time, it decreases cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone.

The combination of both actions reverses a volatile temperament and stabilizes mood swings. In our day and age, this is a much-needed treatment for all of us. Stress and anxiety are abundant, and they can cause actual illness, not just fleeting distress.

Getting the required reprieve from stress through a massage costs less than medication, doesn’t have the side effects, and it’s much more fun.  

3. Helps in Inducing Better Sleep

Insomnia is something most of us are familiar with. Digital devices are partly to blame for this, but it’s also caused by other lifestyle factors. The result is constant fatigue.

Massages were found to be a big help in overcoming sleep problems, and that’s one of the perks of having a massage chair at home.

4. Relieves the Pain From Sore Muscles

Muscles become sore after exercising, playing sports, or after a long day at work. The aching is caused by the accumulation of a particular substance around the muscle tissue; that’s lactic acid.

Softly massaging the raw areas increases blood flow to that spot, which brings in more oxygen and helps in carrying away the lactic acid. A massage chair with a heating feature is even more effective at alleviating sore muscle pain.

5. Offers a Good Treatment for Lower Back Pain

75% of adults experience lower back pain in one form or another. They get it with varying degrees of severity, but those who have a severe case need to live with it as it becomes a chronic condition.

Regular massages improve mobility and help with pain management. There’s also a long term increase in healing.

Massages are constantly recommended by orthopedic doctors as a part of the rehabilitation protocol for lower back pain. 

6. Decreases Stiff-Neck Problems

Most massage chairs have a dedicated massage for the neck and shoulders. This is quite successful in relieving the discomfort of a stiff neck, and it decreases the headaches that usually come with it.

Massaging that area is also inductive of decreasing stress and stimulating dopamine and serotonin. This also increases the pain threshold and helps the hurting areas to heal. 

7. Simulates Chiropractic Maneuvers for Sciatica

Many massage chair models were designed with input from doctors and chiropractors. That has led to some impressive features and ergonomic enhancement in these chairs.

Twist, tilt, heat, and deep tissue massage are the main features that address sciatica related discomfort.

These sessions have a high success rate in decreasing that shooting pain, and keeping it at bay afterward.

8. Improves Blood Circulation

A well functioning circulatory system carries with it so many health benefits, and to get it pumping with vitality playing sports is, of course, the best way, but massaging comes at a close second place.

The zero gravity positioning is one of the techniques employed to decrease the loading on the heart, improving oxygen intake, and fixing several circulatory issues. 

Massage also decreases stress which helps with improving the circulation, as stress increases hypertension, heart rate, and constricts arteries.

9. Increases Oxygen Flow to the Extremities

The same positioning mentioned in the last entry also helps in pumping more blood to the extremities.

The tissues that receive more oxygen are more able to heal, renew itself, and perform its function optimally.

10. Flushes the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the pillar of our immunity, and it depends on vigorous movement to flush all the free radicals and toxins that pile up in its nodes.

A good massage flushes the lymphatic system, giving it more space to keep us well-defended from pathogens and to feel refreshed after ditching the bio-load that weighs down our systems. 

11. Boosts the Natural Immunity of the Body

Good circulation, low-stress levels, good sleep, and a clean lymphatic system are all conducive to boosting the natural defenses of the body.

Several studies demonstrate that massage was effective in increasing natural immunity.

12. Decreases the Frequency and Severity of Headaches

Headaches are caused by many reasons. The most familiar are stress, insomnia, and a stiff neck.

A good massage helps with all three, and once the root causes are treated, the resulting headaches disappear.

13. Spruces Up Physicality and Intimacy

Massage can add vitality to your sex life. Stress is known to decrease sex drive and diminish physicality. Lack of sleep, back pain, low energy levels, and impaired circulation do not help much either.

Having regular massages addressed many health issues and enhances the general well being. Good circulation and muscle stimulation also increase testosterone levels in the blood.

The sum total of all these processes reflects well on intimacy and physicality.

14. Improves Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

This was demonstrated in an interesting study, where the ability to solve problems was associated with receiving a good massage.

Mental clarity is a direct result of being calm and having sufficient amounts of oxygen in your brain cells.

15. Increases Workplace Harmony

Having a massage chair at the workplace keeps everyone in a lowered stress and anxiety state.

Mellow temperament increases people’s tolerance and openness. 

16. Decreases Workplace Injuries

This was demonstrated in one study, where it was found that employees who received massages were more poised and in control of their environment.

A stress-free workplace is more safe and enjoyable for the people who use it.

17. Boosts Employee Loyalty

Massages can actually increase employee loyalty. Employees feel appreciated when they receive extra perks like regular massages. They also associate their well being with the place they work in and its management.

This creates an overall sense of belonging, and it reflects on higher productivity, and a significantly lower turnover rate.  

18. Helps Executives in Staying Mentally Fit

The most important skill that managers have is mental fitness. They need to have the ability to see what others can’t and move quickly when others are timid.

This is the opposite of the brain fog state that many of us suffer from after experiencing excessive stress and many sleepless nights in a row. 

Massages wouldn’t solve corporate problems, but they’ll help executives in ditching anxiety, sleeping better, feeling energized and regaining their enthusiasm. Massages are statistically associated with better work performance. 

19. Alleviates Stress-Related Health Problems

Stress is a constant culprit in most illnesses. It’s usually a direct or indirect cause of a host of health issues.

Many patients who see their doctors about back pain, hypertension, allergies, digestive problems, and even hair loss, hear the same advice from their doctor: ‘try to relax’.

It’s easier said than done, but we try to maintain our positivity against all odds. It’s wise then to get as much assistance as we can in decreasing stress levels.

Massages destress our bodies through muscle stimulation, increasing oxygen levels, limiting jittery feelings, and stimulation of the feel-good hormones.

Do you know how you usually catch a cold after a particularly rough patch at work? It works oppositely too, feeling cheerful decreases stress-related health issues, and enhances wellness. 

20. Gives an Energy Boost and Enhances General Wellness

Getting a good massage is part of a self-care routine that should bring more vitality and color to your life.

The thing about owning a massage chair, and using it to feel better, is that it automatically feeds in the positive cycle that keeps spiraling upwards towards better things.

You don’t need to be sore or aching to get a massage, quite often it’s just a treat you give yourself.

In addition to the usual features, some chairs come with a variety of international massages, or even ancient ones.

Every one of these routines can stimulate your body into different effects. Try out many approaches, see what makes you fired up for the day, and what unwinds you.

See what boosts your physical energy, what gets your brain in good shape, what relaxes you, and what gives you clarity. They’re all good.

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