Top Staff Pick-Brookstone 3D/L track/Voice Control Massage Chair

We have seen it all, from small to big chairs, from 2D to 4D rollers and much more. It is so incredibly tough to find the perfect chair at reasonable prices during covid. look no more as we have found a fantastic blend of an amazing product and price.

When we first got introduced to this model, we were skeptical with the color blue variant. This American brand product recently launched in Canada we didn't know what to expect. Unboxing this unit and seeing what it can do, we are all shocked at Relaxacare. 25 different models on our floor and our staff fight over mainly this model. Key features to point out are

1) 3D rollers are a substantial upgrade, this changes up the entire massage experience 

2) Touch screen, simple and easy to use, not having a remote on your lap is a always a nice feature

3) Robotic foot assembly, 90% of our chairs are spring loaded( manually pressing forward at the customers accord.) This foot assembly is automatic and at the press of a button it extends out to the desired length. This also includes mechanical foot rollers massaging the bottom of your feet.

4) Side hip air bags, Most chair companies are taking this away due to inflation and the cost of manufacturing is high. Most brands had to adjust to keep costs low so they took out the hip air bags. Brookstone decided to keep this. This is so important for hip motion, stretching and overall better experience for each massage. Being locked into place and getting a proper stretch is vital for a lot of our customers

5) The look, its funny how a good looking chair matters. a good looking chair draws people to it, it becomes attractive and the end user ends up sitting in the chair more which helps with their overall purchase. The last thing you want to do is pay top dollar and not use your chair.

6) Technology, Touch screen, Bluetooth speakers, voice control, Google home, Intelligent body scan, Space saving tech and so much more. Brookstone went all out on making this model. This chair is also equipped with a high performance M.5.A.R.M microprocessor and sensors to adjust intensity levels in real time. 

7) Price point, Brookstone gave us the opportunity to sell this chair at a reasonable low price. A similar chair in our inventory would cost you $7000-$10,000 for a similar model on terms of specs.


We give this chair the highest rating on our website. 5/5 Stars for performance, technology, Looks and price. 

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