Top Massage Chairs 2023

Massage chairs are becoming a new trend since covid-19 existed. More and more consumers are being proactive about their health and considering alternative options. Stress which is the biggest killer on earth is hard to manage, owning stress relieving machine like massage chairs aids in a better lifestyle. With technology advancing these chairs are all packed with amazing abilities to help get this ultimate massage experience 

We know this market well, selling over 9000 chairs last year at Relaxacare. Listening to our customers and understanding their needs. We have created a list for our top 10 massage chairs! These are based on bang for buck, massage experience design and reputation

Top 10 Massage chairs


1) Daiwa Supreme Hybrid flex 6D 

2) Ogawa Master Drive 4D 2.0 AI

3) Trumedic Coda 3D V2  

4) Brookstone Mach 9 4D ( Bk-750)

5) Panasonic Mak1 

6) Trumedic Mc-2500 With Voice Control

7) Trumedic Symphony 3D with Calf Wave Rollers

8) Cozzia CZ-357 With Piano Finish

9) Costway 3D Jl10013

10) Brookstone Bk-650 3D 

Every massage chair offers different experiences, it is so important to call in and talk to a specialized sales rep so we can get you in the right chair. Do not hesitate to contact us at 877-456-5766


We have two locations to test these chairs!

4280 Harvester Road Burlington Ontario ( Head office)

1731 St Laurent BLVD Ottawa Ontario (613 913 1556) Relaxacare Ottawa massage chairs

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