Top 5 Saunas

Steam/ Carbon panel saunas have tons of health benefits. Regular usage will promote your skin health, help you recover from muscle soreness, lower your blood pressure, boost your immunity, and loosen stiff joints, among other things.

These are our Top 5 Saunas on our website.

1) Westinghouse Sauna 2-3 Person

The size, the look, the features and price. This amazing sauna is our top seller at Relaxacare. Some key features that make this our top seller. Carbon Panel is becoming more and more a must in every sauna. Bluetooth speakers help with work outs inside the sauna or while you are doing yoga. The size is not overbearing and fits in most areas and the most important thing..... NO electrician is required for this! Most saunas you need a dedicated line installed and this created additional costs!! Every customer who has purchased this has fallen in love and given this sauna a 5 star review. 


Special Buy-Westinghouse sauna 2-3 person infrared – Relaxacare


2) GDI Traditional Steam sauna- Copenhagen edition

This Sauna is incredible, if you are looking for that "Ferrari" type of sauna you have found it This beautiful sauna offers a full wrap around sitting experience with "Rolls Royce" lighting throughout. This comes with a top rated SaunaCore Oven to give you power behind the heating element. Lie down, read a book and Relax! 

GDI - Traditional Steam Sauna - GDI 7389-01 Copenhagen Edition – Relaxacare


3) Hybrid 8plus Sauna Outdoor

This is something really special and unique. We have never seen anything like this before. This sauna offers both Traditional steam and carbon panel heating elements. This sauna provided protection against weathering conditions like rain snow or wind. Enjoy running into the snow and jumping back into your sauna today! 

Hybrid 8PLUS Sauna-Steam and Infrared – Relaxacare


4) GDI Carbon Panel Near Zero EMF GDI-6996-01-Elite

The hardest part about these saunas is the space needed inside. The last thing you want to be doing is sweating and having 1 body touch another body. This amazing design allows a top and bottom section. This sauna comes with near zero emitting heaters. This mean in manufacturing they were extremely sensitive to adding glues, metals and other toxifying elements inside the sauna. This way you are breathing in clean air. 

GDI - Carbon Sauna Near Zero EMF GDI-6996-01 Elite – Relaxacare


5) Maxxus Near Zero EMF-MX-K356-01 Hemlock Corner

Another great idea due to space issues, this corner unit provides room for those tight spaces. One thing we love about this sauna is that there is carbon panels everywhere and you become encapsulated with the heat.  This unit is easy to install and offers the ultimate experience for our sauna customers.

GDI - Maxxus Sauna - Near Zero EMF - MX-K356-01-ZF Hemlock – Relaxacare



Budget is a concern but still want that sauna type of experience? Give this a shot!

U.S. JACLEAN - Home Sauna Tent & Chair – Relaxacare


 We have it all! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We understand this is a big purchase and getting our customers in the right sauna is our top priority. 


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