Top 5 massage chairs in North America.

Top 5 massage chairs in order!


1) Brookstone Bk-750

Our top winner! This chair is packed with everything at such a low price. Best bang for buck on the high end section of massage chairs. Offering 4D adaptive contouring intelligent body scan, robotic foot assembly. Side hip air bags, chromotherapy, touch screen remote, new modern design. The list can go on for days. If you have a budget of around $8000, this is the chair for you ( original

msrp is $12,999)

Pro- it has almost everything! Amazing value

Con- we wish it had ai technology


2) Ogawa Master Drive

The best massage chair in the world, this used to be rated number 1 for us but due to a high price point it loses some demerit points. This chair is packed with everything from start to finish. The latest and greatest technology including ai technology, a chair doctor, voice control, google connect, Bluetooth speakers, chromotherapy and more. If you are looking at a high end technology chair, this is it!


msrp is $14999.99

Our price-$12999.99

Pros- best experience and best technology on the planet 

Cons- heavy price tag. 

3) TruMedic Coda Massage Chair

TruMedic has one of the best line ups of different massage chairs in North America. They are well known for building fantastic wellness products. Celebrity endorsed by Oprah, Hayley Bieber, Courtney/Kim/Kris Kardashians, McKenzie Westmore and more! If you are looking at an aggressive massage chair you have found the chair. We have 25 different massage chairs on our floor and nothing compares to the aggressiveness like this chair!



Msrp $11999.99

Pro- Extremely aggressive- gets in those tough areas

Cons- it lacks a nice remote, no stretch dedicated pre set


4) Inada Robo

Inada has been around the longest and world recognized for their massage chairs.  One of the last name brands that are fully Japanese built. This chair offers a completely different massage experience with patent pending and foot massage. Human like hands form around your arms and legs giving you an experience of a deal Massage person in your living room.



Msrp $15999.99


Patent pending arm/foot massage. This has ai technology 


Customers say it’s a bit slower than traditional massage chairs.


5) Panasonic Mak1

Panasonic has a unique approach to the market. They make an amazing chair without skimping out on design. We feel Panasonic chairs blend in the best into most living room settings. This chair is packed with benefits and offers a one of a kind “neck stretch” massage experience. We find roller wise it is one of the best roller experiences on the market.




Msrp 14999.99


Great design, amazing roller experience 


No L track, no speakers or high end technology.



Making a purchase for a massage chair can be tough, we offer free consulting with one of our sales reps. Call in and we will do our best to get you in the right chair! We have one of the largest diversity of inventory in North America for massage chairs. Don’t forget to sign up for future promotions!

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