Therapeutic vs Hobbyist Massage Chairs

Those who use massage chairs use them for different purposes. For some, it is a matter of winding down after a long day. For others, it is a matter of seeking relief for specific muscle pain. Because of this, those in the massage chair world tend to classify massage chairs based on their ability to meet those different goals.

Understanding the difference between the two main classifications—therapeutic and hobbyist massage chairs—can help you decide when it comes time to choose your massage chair.

Therapeutic Massage Chairs

The main goal of therapeutic massage chairs is to help users relieve pain. These chairs tend to have features that target the main sources of pain such as muscle tension, knots, poor circulation, or posture. For instance, a therapeutic massage chair may focus more on giving deeper massages, incorporating compression techniques, or employing zero-gravity to correct back posture. Although relaxation is a focus with any massage chair, therapeutic massage chairs are more concerned with health issues.

Hobbyist Massage Chairs

Those using hobbyist chairs tend not to have the health issues associated with other massage chair users. Their focus is more on relaxation and enjoyment, so the features of the chair tend to be less intensive. Although these chairs do focus on giving you a relaxing massage, hobbyist chairs will also offer features such as listening to music off your phone. They may also have come adorned with relaxing LED lights and the ability to blow ionized air at your face.

Making the Choice

Of course, you shouldn’t let the therapeutic vs hobbyist massage chair debate make you think that you can only have one set of features or the other. One need only look to our icomfort massage chair collection to see massage chairs with both therapeutic air bag compression features and hobbyist-style MP3 options. Ultimately, you will be able to find a chair with the features that fit your specific needs. It’s simply a matter of identifying what you want to get out of your massage chair experience.

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