The Positive Impact of Massage on Posture

At the turn of the century, good posture wasn’t simply common—it was an expectation taught in schools and enforced by clothing such as corsets. In the century since, we’ve moved away from this standard, and our muscles, bones, and joints are paying the price. Fortunately, posture is relatively simple to correct using light exercises, forming good habits, and, surprisingly, settling into a massage chair. The positive impact of massage on posture often goes unrecognized but can help encourage good posture and mitigate the effects of bad posture.

Relaxed Muscles

As anyone who has worked a desk job will tell you, one of the key contributors to bad posture is slumping over in a chair to get comfortable. Doing this leaves us with more tension and muscle aches, which only serves to worsen our posture. Massage is perfectly equipped to break this vicious cycle. By relaxing the muscles in the back and neck, muscles that were formerly tense and sore are able to relax into a more natural posture.

Spinal Decompression

The muscles aren’t the only parts of our body that suffer as a result of bad posture. When we walk around with bad posture, our spines can become misaligned, leading to back pain, pinched nerves, and blood vessel constriction. Massage, although it typically focuses on the state of the muscles, can also help improve the alignment of the spine. This is especially true if you’re using a massage chair with body-stretch technology—such as the zero-gravity massage chairs found among our Westinghouse massage chair collection. These chairs help decompress the spine, reducing pressure and improving posture.

Improved Joint Health

Because the body is out of alignment, bad posture can damage your joints, such as your shoulders, hips, knees, and elbows. This can be even more challenging if you are struggling with conditions that impact joints, such as osteoarthritis. Massage’s positive impact on posture also extends to posture issues stemming from joint pain. Massage relieves joint pain and improves flexibility and blood circulation to these areas. By improving mobility, joints are more able to shift into better-postured positions.

Our culture isn’t as inclined toward good posture as it used to be. But capitalizing on the benefits of massage can help move us back in the right direction.

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