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American Made-3Dx2 -Luraco i9 Max and i9 Max Special Edition With Chir (

As many people are on their journey of trying to figure out which massage chair is best for them, frustration sometimes sets in with so much intentional confusion caused by the Brands themselves. Everything from inflated prices (giving the buyer a sense of “high quality chairs”) to made-up terms (4D, 5D, etc.) to misleading marketing statements (“FDA Approved”; there is no such thing as the FDA does not “Approve” any brand, but they can be “Registered”).

As a U.S manufacturer, we don’t confuse consumers with misleading advertising or marketing tactics. We try to educate consumers on what is truly a LUXURY-LEVEL massage chair and then deliver a Premium Quality Massage Chair that meets those expectations. Aside from the Novel Patented Technologies, here are a few “other reasons” why Luraco massage chairs are TRULY the best on the market.

• MADE IN THE USA: Enough said about quality! With American Manufacturing Standards and tight quality control, we are proud to display the U.S.A Flag on our products! Luraco massage chairs are also proud to be the selected brand used on U.S Military bases, Large Tech Corporations, and in Veteran’s Hospitals giving relief to our Military Heroes.

 From the conception of ideas, Luraco massage chairs are researched and developed by our in-house Engineers and Research Scientists whose goal is to create new and effective technologies for massage therapy. Innovation is the key motivator proven by a successful line of premium massage chairs and over 43 Awarded U.S Patented Inventions.

 SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED RESEARCH STUDY: Luraco chairs are the ONLY that have been independently studied and validates the health benefits of lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure, lowering perceived pain levels and lowering perceived stress levels. 

 SAFETY FIRST: Many people don’t realize that the most difficult safety certification in the United States is to pass UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) safety standards. Luraco Engineers make sure our massage chairs have UL certifications, so our customers have a sense of satisfaction in knowing that their chair is safe in the house. Also, if you use massage chairs in a place of business, U.S Laws require to pass UL Safety Standards.  Most imported chairs use a safety marking that is self-certified.

 WARRANTY: Luraco proudly stands behind every chair we make. With premium quality materials used, i9 Max Series come with a full 3-year in-home service, 5-year for parts, and 10 year warranty for the leather. Throughout the manufacturing process, tight quality controls steps are monitored with an independent and final QC inspection before a chair is approved to be shipped. ALWAYS LOOK INTO THE WARRANTY AS IT GIVES AN INDICATION OF THE QUALITY AND HOW MUCH THE MANUFACTURER STANDS BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.

In summary, these are just a few of the reasons why we feel that Luraco chairs are superior to the imported chairs that are being privately labeled and shipped to America. We know that an educated consumer is a wise customer and we hope this helps you in your journey of finding the best massage chair for you. When you purchase a Luraco Chair, you purchase from an industry leader with many Patented Inventions that will make you a proud owner of the chair.

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