The Many Benefits of Massage Chairs for Seniors

As we get older, we all have to come to grips with how the ravages of time impact our bodies. Our vision fades, our mobility becomes hampered, and our recovery time from injuries increases. However, by practicing a healthy lifestyle, it’s more than possible that you can mitigate the effects of aging. If you’re looking for ways to improve your lifestyle, don’t overlook the many benefits of massage chairs for seniors.

Health Benefits

Joint Pain

One of the most common ailments seniors experience is joint pain, either from aging itself, specific health conditions like arthritis, or an injury. Massage helps ease the pain of these conditions by loosening up tight muscles and improving blood flow to these areas. Depending on the condition, 4D and heated massage chairs may offer the greatest benefits for these conditions.


Our sleep-wake cycles shift in different stages of our lives. Because of these shifts, seniors often have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting restful sleep, and many struggle with insomnia. Massage chairs help improve sleep by providing users with a deep sense of calm through muscle relaxation and helping increase the production of sleep-inducing serotonin in the body.

Blood Pressure

The US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey estimates that 70 percent of adults 65 and older suffer from high blood pressure. Fortunately, the circulation improvement that helps massages tackle joint pain can also help reduce high blood pressure. Massage chairs’ ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation also helps keep blood pressure levels down.

Immune System Support

As mentioned, our ability to fight illness decreases as we get older, in part because the body produces fewer white blood cells. But factors that further hamper white blood cell count, such as lack of sleep and stress, are improved by regular use of a massage chair. Some studies have even suggested that the act of getting a massage is enough to increase white blood cell count.

Lifestyle Benefits


The health advantages of getting a massage are numerous, but there are added benefits of using a massage chair for seniors over visiting a parlor. For seniors who are unable to drive, getting to a parlor isn’t always possible. Even when transportation is available, the process of getting in and out of a vehicle can sometimes pose greater threats of fall. A chair makes massage accessible without leaving home.

We can’t always control the way time affects our bodies, but we can control how we respond to those changes. By slipping into one of our luxury massage chairs, you can take steps to help your body cope with these challenges.

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