Step-by-Step Guide To Resetting Your Massage Chair

When you’re tense, stressed, or trapped in the throes of muscle aches, a massage chair can act as a reset for your mind and your body. But we often don’t realize that the massage chair may need a reset, too.

You don’t need to be a mechanical expert to get your massage chair back on track. All you need is our step-by-step guide to resetting your massage chair.

Reasons You May Need to Reset Your Massage Chair

There are many reasons why you may need to restart your massage chair. Most of them relate to a breakdown in normal massage chair functions. A few common reasons include:

  • An error message appearing
  • The massage chair overheating
  • Unexplained temperature fluctuations
  • Power surge knocking
  • Unexplained noises
  • An unresponsive chair
  • Faulty remote control function

These instances don’t necessarily mean that the chair is damaged. A simple reset or a factory reset may correct the problem.

Step-by-Step Guide To Resetting Your Massage Chair

There are dozens of massage chair companies out there, and each offers a wide variety of chairs. Naturally, that means there are many different ways to reset a massage chair. You’ll need to review the chair’s user manual for the instructions. But ahead, we offer several reset methods that are common across a number of massage chair models.

Unplugging the Chair

One of the simplest ways to reset a chair is to unplug the chair and allow it to sit for twenty-four hours. This will help the chair cool down while preserving your saved massage chair functions.

This reset method is best for situations in which the massage chair or wires overheat, or when the chair suffers a blown power fuse. Of course, you can reset some chairs simply by turning them off and on again.

Holding Down the Kneading and on/off Button

In some cases, you’ll want to reset your chair to its factory settings. This will not only turn the chair off and on, but it will remove all your saved massage functions.

For this, you can hold down the power button and the kneading button on the remote simultaneously for five to ten seconds. Be sure the massage chair is off before you attempt this. After you hold down the buttons, the machine will vibrate and an error light will appear. But afterward, the chair will reset.

Knowing how to reset your massage chair will allow you to get the most out of your massage therapy products. And if you ever have problems with your chair, contact us at Relaxacare for further assistance.

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