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Trumedic-MC-2000 Massage chair, 


Trumedic MC-2000 is a carefully built massage chair equipped with great functionalities that enables the user to have a spa experience from the comfort of their home. The Insta-shiatsu massage chair with its 3D rollers will relieve you of pain, release tight knots in your body and create a refreshing experience all at the press of a button.
Let’s see what this massage chair has to offer.

Features and programs
3D Massage
The Trumedic MC- 2000 is equipped with quad styled 3D massage rollers. A 3-dimensional roller delivers excellent massage therapy as it works its way up and down the track formation of the massage chair. 3 dimension rollers can move up and down, sideways and also protrude. The protrusion effect can extend up to 2.5 inches into the body to deliver deep massage. It effectively unravels tight muscles as it presses deeply into the back of the user. If you have back pain, this may be the massage chair for you, as the 3D rollers can press deeply into the back of the massage chair removing tension from the muscles and freeing tight spots.
L-track formation
Trumedic MC-2000 massage chair has L-track formation upon which the rollers travel on. A roller can only function with a track formation. While some massage chairs have S-track formation which covers only the neck to back region, the L- track formation of the Trumedic MC- 2000 covers from the neck down to the glutes. This means it can offer glute massage, a functionality that is not available to chairs that have only S-track formation. If you suffer from sciatica, this may be the massage chair that gets to do a deep massage under your glutes, relieving pain and stress.

Zero gravity
Trumedic MC- 2000 can be adjusted to give the zero-gravity effect. This means that the chair can be reclined to the position where you feel weightless and your spine is decompressed. This is the best position for taking a massage as it increases blood circulation in your system. The blood circulation flushes out the toxins and promotes wellness in the body. The zero-gravity effect can be achieved at the push of a button on the remote control.
Air compression massage
Trumedic MC-2000 uses air compression massage to deal with areas that the rollers cannot get to. Air compression massage helps to stretch, twist and relive tensions from areas such as the shoulders, hands, arms, calves, and feet. The air pressure can be controlled with the remote control to proffer different intensities. The massage chair has 36 airbags that inflate and deflate to achieve the required compression for massage therapy.
Bluetooth speakers
If you love listening to music while you get a massage, the Trumedic MC- 2000 is equipped with Bluetooth speakers that can connect to your phone. This helps you to listen to your favorite music genre as you take a massage. The speakers are comfortably placed near your ears for your listening pleasure. Music enhances the massage experience.

Remote control
The remote control for Trumedic MC-2000 is a sleek LCD remote with lighted keypads, good to use in a dark room. The remote has an extensible attachment cord and can be slid into a side pocket in the massage chair. This prevents damage to the remote during a massage.
Massage styles and techniques
The Trumedic MC- 2000 has two styles of massage techniques that you can deploy, they include:
Auto massage: The auto massage function can be deployed by pressing the auto function on the remote control, it has the following techniques
● Recovery
● Pain relief
● Stretch
● Experience
● Music sync
● Special- This technique is divided into Shopaholic, Athlete, White collar, Care of aged
and back yoga modes.
Manual massage

The manual massage functionality can be set independently using manual massage functions. The manual massage styles include:
● Tapping
● Knocking
● Kneading and tapping
● Shiatsu
● Kneading
Special features
Acupoint detector
The Trumedic MC-2000 has a very distinct feature in that it is equipped with an acupressure point detector. The chair, once you switch it on, will carry out an acupoint detection process. This is to find out the different acupressure points on your body and hence target its massage activities to those points. Acupressure points are parts of the body that relieves pain when pressure is applied to it.

Heat enabled massage
Using heat during a massage unravels tight muscles and creates a relaxing experience. Trumedic MC-2000 incorporates this effect through its heat massage function. Heat massage helps to melt away tension and stress, relieve stiff muscles and relax the user.
Adjustable backrest and footrest
The Trumedic MC-2000 has a unique feature that allows you to adjust the backrest and the leg rest independently. The leg rest can be tilted upwards to a position that the user wants, the backrest can also be adjusted to comfortable positions while taking a massage.
Space Saver
Trumedic MC-2000 is a space saver, the headrest can recline to about 5 inches from the wall. It can easily fit in with most living rooms too, as it comes in colors that can adjust in any sitting room setting.

Shiatsu foot rollers
A good foot massage is an essential part of a spa experience, Trumedic MC- 2000 did not want to miss this aspect. It achieves this by incorporating Shiatsu foot massage rollers which move in opposite directions to create pressure that presses into the feet of the user. The airbags at the feet also help by creating a pressure that forces the feet downwards to the rollers creating maximum impact for the user.
Trumedic MC-2000 is a well-built massage chair that offers you an invigorating massage experience in the comfort of your home. The functionalities as compared to the price beat what is available in the market for massage chairs. If you desire a massage chair that meets your needs and is not overly pricey, this may be the chair for you.

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