Massage Chair Terminology You Should Know

Before we get started, we should let you know that there will be a few massage chair-specific terms our list. Here’s a quick reference to help you find the features you need.

  • 3D Massage: You can adjust the intensity of the massage chair rollers for a more personalized massage.
  • 4D Massage: 4D offers a deeper reach than 3D, and can be especially beneficial for people with back and shoulder issues.
  • Airbags: Typically located in areas that don’t have rollers, airbags provide a compression massage
  • Air Ionizer: Located in the headrest, this technology clears the air of dust, dander and other irritants.
  • Body Scanning: The massage rollers will be able to hit your unique pressure points by adjusting and tailoring the rollers to your body.
  • Bluetooth: Connect to the speakers in the chair to enjoy music or guided meditation.
  • Chromotherapy: This light therapy technique helps balance physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy.
  • L Track: The rollers in an L Track travel from the neck down to the glutes. Sometimes they may even extend down to your hamstrings.
  • Memory Settings: You’ll have the ability to save a certain number of custom massages.
  • Reflexology: Applies pressure to the soles and tops of the feet to benefit your entire body.
  • S Track: An S Track massage chair follows the curve of your body and spine from the neck to the lower back.
  • Space Saving: You can set up your massage chair against a wall and when it’s powered on, it will move forward.
  • Voice Control: Control your massage by telling your chair which program option you want. Some of the best massage chairs also have Alexa capabilities.
  • Zero Gravity: This technique extends your knees and elevates them above your heart, creating a sense of weightlessness that also helps the spine decompress.

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