How To Use Your Massage Chair

A massage chair is more than a piece of furniture. It’s a technology used to improve our health and quality of life. Like all technology, it’s possible to use it in ways that are more effective or less effective. Knowing how to use your massage chair will help you get the most out of your chair.

What To Use It For

You may have had a specific ailment in mind when you first thought of purchasing a massage chair. While massage chairs can address a wide range of aches and pains, it’s possible to target specific pains with specific settings.

Knots – 3D Rollers

Muscle knots are a common cause of back pain. They occur when muscles contract, such as when they’re in use and become “stuck,” unable to relax again. Knots are often caused by overuse, strain, or trauma. One of the best ways to target muscle knots with a massage chair is utilizing a 3D rather than a 2D roller. 2D rollers only go left and right and up and down, which is fine for relaxation, but muscle knots require a greater amount of specific pressure to undo them. 3D rollers apply that pressure by going forward and back, effectively breaking up muscle knots.

Sore Muscles and Stress – Heat

Heat therapy has long been used to help treat sore muscles. That’s because heat relaxes stiffness and improves circulation to help with the release of lactic acid. Using the heat function on a chair will help relieve some of these symptoms; however, you should be cautious about using heat if your pain is from inflammation or arthritis, as heat can make these conditions worse.

But physical stress may not be the only reason you bought a massage chair. Using a massage chair to help reduce emotional stress is also common. Any kind of massage will help increase relaxation and reduce stress, but heat has an especially profound impact on our stress. Warmth can help reduce anxiety and even help assuage feelings of loneliness.

Swelling and Poor Circulation – Airbag Technology

Normally those buying massage chairs are focused on muscle tension. However, if you struggle with poor circulation or swelling, massage chairs can help provide relief to you as well. One feature especially effective in treating this issue is airbag technology. Airbags in massage chairs mimic compression massage when large muscles are gripped and released, encouraging blood flow to increase in these areas.

How Often You Should Use It

It should also be noted that although a massage chair can help bring relief, overuse can cause muscles to be overstretched, which can also cause problems. Overstretching can lead to pain, fatigue, and headaches. Fifteen to twenty minutes in one of our luxury massage chairs should be more than enough to help bring relief without overstretching.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but only when used effectively. Knowing how to use a massage chair can be the difference between a wonderful massage or a disappointing experience.

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