How To Properly Clean Your Massage Chair

Massage chairs are little sanctuaries in the middle of a busy home. But because they are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, they may be met with all the little messes that our regular furniture sees as well, including a spilled drink, dropped crumbs, or the fur of a curious pet. But, because they’re also potentially delicate pieces of machinery, you may be uncertain of how to properly clean your massage chair at first. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check the Tags

You wouldn’t use the same cleaning strategies to clean a cloth sofa as you would to clean a leather armchair. The same is true for properly cleaning a massage chair. Fortunately, massage chairs typically come with a tag that informs you what material the chair is made of and what methods you should use to clean it. The standard tags are:

  • “X” — Only use a vacuum and brush
  • “S” — Use a dry-cleaning detergent
  • “O” — Clean with cold water
  • “W” — Use a water-based cleaning solution

Vacuuming a Chair

Whatever the tag, you can and should dust and vacuum every massage chair regularly. This will keep crumbs and dust from becoming ground into the material or leaving stains. Dust the surface with a clean rag. If your chair is made of synthetic leather, you can use a lightly damp fabric to clean it. Otherwise, use a dry cloth. When you vacuum a massage chair, use the soft brush extension to prevent scratching the upholstery.

Deep Cleaning

Preparing the Chair

If you go beyond dusting and vacuuming, you will want to prep your chair before you begin. Start by unplugging the chair. If possible, remove the cushions, as well as calf massage inserts, to clean them separately.

Tackling Stains

Different stains will require different cleaning methods. For instance, if you are tackling a grease stain, you will want to wipe it up with a dry cloth before applying water to the chair. Other stains are better met with a water and white vinegar mixture, baking soda, or rubbing alcohol. In these cases, use a dabbing motion to prevent the stain from settling more deeply into the chair.


Make a mixture of water and a mild soap, depending on the type of cleaner recommended for your chair. Typically, you will want to avoid harsh or acidic cleaners. Wipe the chair down with a lightly damp cloth. Then, gently wash the chair with the cleaner and cloth, rinsing it with a damp cloth afterward. Avoid oversaturating the chair with water.

If you have a genuine leather chair, like our iComfort massage chairs, follow the cleaning process with a leather conditioner or a small amount of olive oil. This will bring out the color, protect the chair from stains, and restore natural oils to the leather. This will make your little in-home sanctuary look as sparkling clean as it did when you first brought it home.

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