Home Office Upgrades To Maximize Comfort and Productivity

Although offices are getting ready to reopen, many of us are still working at home every day or part of the week. While the remote setup has its advantages, it has its challenges as well. For some, the home office can become a place of discomfort and poor posture that leads to back pain. For others, the comfort level is so high that their focus begins to suffer.

Finding the best of both worlds is pivotal. This is why we’ve compiled our top home office upgrades to maximize comfort and productivity.

Ergonomic Desk Setup

Comfort doesn’t only refer to having a blanket and pillow. Comfort can simply mean having a setup that allows you to do your normal tasks without pain. This is the concept of ergonomics, and keeping it in mind will help you choose home office upgrades that maximize productivity and comfort.


Since many of us spend most of our days in office chairs, what we sit in is arguably the most important factor in an ergonomic desk setup. Ask yourself the following questions before choosing an office chair:

  • Does it fit the curvature of my spine?
  • Is the height adjustable to match the desk’s height?
  • Can I adjust the armrests for maximum comfort?
  • Are the cushions or mesh components comfortable?
  • Is the chair wide enough to fit me?

Even a less-than-ergonomic chair can become comfortable with the right cushion. Among our collection of Obusforme massagers, you’ll find several seat cushions that you can place directly on office chairs. They have heating functionality and massage rollers to help ease away muscle knots from poor posture.


Many remote workers now use a laptop, which allows them to move computers around freely. However, this makes it easy to build the bad habit of placing the computer too close, too far away, or at an odd angle.

Make sure your computer monitor is at least an arm’s length away. Also, make sure you can face the screen and keyboard straight on so that you don’t have to twist your neck and back constantly.

Better Lighting

Direct, natural sunlight improves your mood, boosts vitamin D, and improves your focus as an employee. Maximizing natural light in your home office through sheer window trimmings and the addition of a wall mirror or light-colored walls can help create a perfect area for concentrating. But for office spaces without access to sunlight, use artificial lights that mimic natural light, such as white LED lights.


We feel more ill-at-ease and distracted in cluttered office spaces than in organized ones. So, taking the time to clean out old, forgotten files and organizing the remaining ones will often help improve your ability to focus. Not to mention, knowing where things are will help you save time. Consider adding a filing cabinet for your space as well as extra shelving to give everything a place.

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