Common Misconceptions About Massage Chairs

Several images come to mind when people think of massage chairs. Some think of an excessive, even unnecessary, luxury item. Others think of a useless or even dangerous substitute for human hands. These misconceptions about massage chairs are unfortunate because massage chairs have so much to offer. Today, we hope to put those rumors to rest.

“Massage Chairs Are Unpractical”

This is one of the more common misconceptions about massage chairs, and it stems from a misunderstanding about the usefulness of massage in general. For many, massage is seen as a mere indulgence that’s associated with spa and beauty treatments. But massage, and therefore massage chairs, can offer a plethora of health benefits. Along with being pleasant and relaxing, massage can help relieve muscle pain and help the body heal after injuries.

“Massage Chairs Only Help Muscles”

Massage also helps reduce blood pressure and improve circulation. This can help individuals with heart conditions as well as swelling in the feet and limbs. Massage chairs’ effect on blood pressure also offers relief for stress, anxiety, and even sleep disorders such as insomnia. Along with the heart, massage chairs can also help improve spinal alignment. This is especially true if you use massage chairs with body-stretch technology, such as the zero-gravity massage chairs. These chairs can help decompress the spine and improve posture, relieving back pain in the process.

“Massage Chairs Are Inferior To Human Massage”

There is something to be said about human touch when it comes to massage. A human masseuse can adjust their pressure depending on your feedback, and real human touch has several psychological benefits. However, that doesn’t mean massage chairs can’t provide the same massage benefits as human massages.

Nowadays, massage chairs come with a wide range of features that can mimic real human massage techniques. 4D rollers offer deep tissue massages, and airbag technology mimics compressions techniques. You may even see hot stone massages imitated with heated massage chairs. These therapeutic features offer many of the same benefits of human massage.

“Pregnant Women Should Not Use Massage Chairs”

There is a host of myths related to pregnant women and massage, namely that massage can cause premature labor and, thus, miscarriage. This myth is so pervasive that some massage therapists will refuse to treat pregnant women. However, no evidence supports the idea that massage causes miscarriage in pregnant women. In fact, massage during pregnancy can help regulate hormone levels and reduce swelling and edema.

Of course, you shouldn’t have to take our word for it. The best way to put a rumor to rest is to try a massage chair yourself. We have a full range of quality massage products, including Trumedic massage chairs, for you to try today.

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