A Guide to Safely Moving Your Massage Chair

Anyone who has ever moved to a new house or redecorated a room knows that moving furniture isn’t easy. One wrong step, and you can injure yourself and damage your floor and walls. The stakes are even higher when moving massage chairs. Damage to a chair isn’t simply a matter of scuffing the upholstery. It can mean damaging a piece of expensive technology.

Because we want to keep you, your space, and your chair safe during a move, we’ve compiled a guide to safely moving your massage chair.

Take Measurements First

Our eyes can deceive us when it comes to our perception of space. Doorways, corners, and vehicles are often narrower than they look. Taking a wild guess about whether a chair will fit and realizing you’re wrong can waste time and energy. To save yourself grief, get a tape measure and jot down the dimensions of the chair before you begin moving. Then, take the dimensions of the areas you need to move the chair through.

Remove What You Can

Depending on the model, you may be able to remove parts of it before moving the chair. Usually, you can remove the arm, foot, and headrests. Doing this will lighten the chair significantly and make it easier to fit your chair through narrow spaces.

Furniture Sliders and Moving Blankets

Lifting a chair isn’t always easy, especially if you have an injury or don’t have anyone available to help you. Fortunately, you can still move your massage chair safely. For a few dollars, you can invest in furniture sliders. After slipping these small rubbery circles under the legs of the chair, the chair should be easy to slide across the floor. If your chair doesn’t have legs, a moving blanket works the same way.

Protection in Transport

If you’re moving the chair outside the home, it’s important to protect the upholstery and electronic parts of the chair against the elements. Before loading the chair into a truck or van, make sure you tuck the cords into the chair where they can’t be damaged. Then, wrap your chair in plastic wrap to protect it from mud. Also, use blankets to cushion it from getting scuffed.

Whether you’re moving your chair from your living room to your bedroom or taking your Obusforme massager across the country, making preparations before you move can save you time and effort during the process and protect your chair.

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